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Adven Adzag Forte Drops (60ml)

Adven Adzag Forte Drops (60ml)

For Proper Growth of Children, Improves Height



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Form:         Drops

Adzag Forte Drops is an excellent combination of Homoeopathic specialities  for kids and  is scientifically prepared to provide essential medicines required for the  optimum development of the children. It is a combination of medicines that improves  the metabolism of minerals responsible for bone development. It is best suited for young, anaemic children who are easily exhausted, slow in learning to walk and have defective assimilation.

Adzag Forte Drops acts effectively in  the growing pains of children.  It helps to relieve indigestion, especially in infants who vomit out immediately after feeding. This also helps in maintaining normal body structure and can be recommended for children who fail to grow normally. It naturally helps in proper assimilation of the necessary minerals and thus helps in proper growth of the body, strengthens the skeletomuscular system and assists  in metabolic functions of the body.

COMP. A: Manganum Aceticum 3CH, Calcarea Phos. 3CH, Calcarea Flourica 3CH

COMP. B: Calcarea Carbonica 3CH, Silicea 3CH

  • Mix the contents in the bigger empty bottle provided or as prescribed by the physician
  • Shake & then use 20 drops twice daily in half cup of water or as prescribed by the physician

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