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Scope Of Homoeopathy In Dentistry

Scope Of Homoeopathy In Dentistry

Homoeopathy has a wide scope in dentistry. Almost every non-surgical and a few of surgical dental problems can be successfully treated with homoeopathic medicines. 
The most common dental complain is pain in tooth/teeth. Selection of homoeopathic medicines for toothache is chiefly determined by the modalities of pain. Condition under which toothache increases or decrease. Where conventional dental treatment have just one painkiller for all types of pains, regardless to it’s cause, origin, conditions of aggravation and amelioration, Homoeopathy offers you a wide range of medicines depending on each condition. Specific medicine for specific condition works in a shortest time duration with a permanent relief in Complain. Leading Remedies for toothache are Arnica Montana, Chamomilla, Coffea cruda, Mag. phos and Plantago. Here is list of some specific medicines for specific conditions of toothache. Have a look please! 


1. Cold (air, water, Food) 
Aggravation - Manganum Aceticum 
Amelioration - Coffea 

2. Hot (air, water, food) 
Aggravation - Chamomilla 
Amelioration - Mag. Phos. 

3. Both cold and hot (air, water, food)
Aggravation - Calcarea Carb. 

4. Toothache from 
Tea - Thuja 
Coffee - Chamomilla 
Tobacco - Clematis erecta 

5. Toothache after extraction of teeth - Arnica Montana, Staph. 

6. Toothache during 
Menses - Staph. 
Pregnancy - Chamomilla, Mag. carb. 

7. Ailments from cutting wisdom teeth - Mag. carb; Cheir. 

Toothache after extraction of teeth is a very common condition we encounter in our daily life. Few doses of Arnica Montana or Staph. in 200th potency works like magic. To arrest the excessive bleeding after tooth extraction and to enhance the healing process Phosphorus in 30th or 200th potency is employed which never disappoints you! In Dental Ward of the most prestigious Homoeopathic Institue i.e.- National Institue of Homoeopathy, Kolkata administration of Arnica 200 before, any dental procedure and Phosphorus 200 after the completion of procedure is practiced as a protocol. 

Another most commonest dental problem which we encounter, is in Infants and that is Difficult dentition. Even allopaths prescribe Calcarea Phos 6X as a general practice for difficult dentition in infants. During this stage of life, an infant faces many other constitutional problems, among which diarrhoea and irritable mood is the most commonest. Homoeopathic medicine named Chamomilla, if given in 30th potency with repetition coves all these problems and brings calmness and soothing effect in an infant. Check out some common conditions during dentition with their indicated medicines in the given list! 


1. Troublesome dentition - Calc. phos. 

2. Dentition with 
Constipation - Nux vomica; Keros.
Diarrhoea - Chamomilla, Calc. phos, Calc. carb. 
Milk indigestion - Mag. mur. 
Insomnia - Coffea 
Worms - Cina 

Now, let’s talk about the decaying of teeth. Although decaying of teeth could happen at any age of life but they are most common in extremes of life, that is in young age and in old age. Homoeopathic prescribing for decaying of teeth is exclusively depends on the site\location of tooth/teeth where it starts decaying.


1. From
Edges - Staph
Crown - Merc. Sol.                                                                          
Roots - Mez., Thuja     


2. Begin to decay as soon as they appear - Kreosotum. 

Many a times, morphology of teeth works as a determining factor in selection of constitutional medicine. In prescribing of Syphillinum, serrated teeth are the guiding indications. Some morphological features with indicated remedies are here- 


1. Black - Kerosotum 
2. Yellow - Thuja, Syph. 
3. Serrated - Syph. 
4. Beautiful - Tuberculinum 
5. Necrosis of Jaw - Phos., Heclalava. 

Now, here is list of some most important concomitants or strange, Peculiar, unique symptom which are used for successful homoeopathic prescribing. Just for an example “One check red and hot, other pale and cold” is a very determining symptom for the prescription of “Chamomilla”. Get the full list below- 


1. Pain in between teeth and ear - Plantago.
2. One check red and hot, other pale and cold - Chamomilla 
3. Swelling of cheeks - Plantago, Merc. Sol. 
4. Draft of air ameliorates teething problem - Mez. 
5. Persistent bleeding after teeth extraction - Phos. 
6. To prevent caries of teeth - Coca 
7. Distinct blue lines along the margins of gums - Plumb.
8. Toothache during thunderstorms - Rhododendron
9. Toothache returns on thinking about it - Spigelia 
10. Irresistible desire to bite the teeth or gums together- Podo.