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Homeopathy Medicine for Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure, which can cause fainting or dizziness because the brain doesn't receive enough blood.

Blood pressure below 90/60 mm Hg is considered low.

Commonly used Homeopathic medicine for Low blood pressure are Adrenalinum, Cactus g, Caffeinum, Calcarea Phos, Camphora, Carbo veg, China off, Crategus oxy, Gelsemium, Kali Phos, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Radium Brom, Viscum Alb etc.

Commonly used Homeopathic products for Low blood pressure are R44, A40, Bee Pee Drops, NL 12, Angio Drops, Angioton Drops, WL-17 Hypotension Drops etc.

Homeopathy Medicine for Low Blood Pressure

Buy Online Homeopathic Medicines for Low Blood Pressure

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Low Blood Pressure Causes and Symptoms

  • Low Blood Pressure Causes:
  • Pregnancy, due to an increase in demand for blood from both mother and the growing fetus
  • Large amounts of blood loss through injury
  • Impaired circulation caused by heart attacks or faulty heart valves
  • Weakness and a state of shock that sometimes accompanies dehydration
  • Anaphylactic shock, a severe form of allergic reaction
  • infections of the bloodstream
  • Endocrine disorders such as diabetes, adrenal insufficiency, and thyroid disease
  • Low Blood Pressure Symptoms:
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  •  Fainting
  • Blurred or fading vision
  • Nausea
  •  Fatigue
  • Lack of concentration