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Willmar Schwabe Homeopathy Medicine

In the middle of the 19th century homoeopathic preparations were in great demand. The preparations of those days were manufactured by pharmacists which varied in quality, sometimes even of questionable quality. A German pharmacist, Dr. Willmar Schwabe (1839 – 1917), one of the pioneers in homoeopathy, was so dissatisfied with this situation that he had the motive action to set quality standards for the production of homoeopathic medicines. His work and commitment have been a binding legacy for Schwabe Group up to the present day.

Schwabe Group today is one of the 25 largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Germany. Its international reach spans five continents, with exports accounting for more than 27% of the total sales.

The institution, company basically examines every homeopathic remedy for genuineness and purity and which sets standards for its quantity, the content, effectiveness, and characteristics of the substances.  The factory of Dr. Willmar Schwabe India (WSI) Pvt. Ltd. was inaugurated in April 1997. Since then a large product range Of Homeopathy medicines has been introduced in India.  with the aim to provide standard quality products at affordable Indian prices.

Starting initially with the manufacturing of Biochemic Tissue Salts and internationally established Biocombinations, today the company is manufacturing a wide range of Mother Tinctures, Dilutions in different potency levels, Trituration tablets, Alfalfa tonic, Speciality formulations for day-to-day common ailments, and range of topical Creams and Gels.

Below is brief information on Schwabe Speciality Formulation.

Alfalfa Tonic- three variants, General for all, Sugar-free for diabetics, and Syrup based for children.

The alpha range for ailments like cough, acidity, liver disorders, sinusitis, etc.

Pentarkan range of products for the management of BPH, renal calculi, asthma, BP, piles, etc.

Kindi range, specially formulated for common day-to-day ailments in children.

Topi range of topical creams/gel for joint pains, psoriasis, acne, piles, eczema, warts, etc.

1X tablets range for lifestyle ailments like stress, lack of concentration, BP, blood sugar, etc.

Schwabe cosmetic range is effective in helping in the skin complaints.

Other Specialities range for problems like heart disease, obesity, blood pressure, menopause, etc.

Schwabe cosmetic range is effective in skin complaints.


Willmar Schwabe is one of the leading brands when it comes to the world of homeopathy. Buy Willmar Schwabe German Homeopathy Medicine Online from eMedicineHub at the best price today