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Medisynth Homeopathic Medicine

Established in 1935 as a pharmacy in Mumbai, Medisynth started manufacturing homoeopathic medicines in 1974 in the name of Beck & Koll laboratories. There modern, well-equipped and GMP compliant manufacturing facility is located in Navi Mumbai. The strength of company lies in its investment in phytochemical research (plant-based chemicals) that identifies genuine raw materials – the key ingredients – used in formulating homoeopathic medicines. They even have a team of experienced homoeopaths who develop innovative formulations. Medisynth produces medicines of highest quality which meets with Indian and International standards. There marketing team has contributed significantly to Medisynth’s nationwide distribution system that has made the medicines easily accessible across the whole country.

Medisynth’s research initiative includes collaboration with CCRH (Central Council for Research in Homeopathy) for various research activities. Medisynth has over 1000 homeopathic products produced at their manufacturing unit that adheres to Indian and International pharmacopoeial standards. 

Medisynth’s patented formulations are Jondila, Kofeez, Witch Hazel and Alfamalt India’s first malt-based tonic. In 2005, the company got the GMP certification from FDA, Maharashtra. In 2009, they launched a personal care business Medisynth Naturals. The company has the production of over 400 Homeopathy Mother Tinctures, more than 1000 Homeopathy dilutions, 40 Bio chemics and Bio Combinations, patents. Medisynth has over 30 speciality brands across various categories such as liquids, malt tonic, skin creams and oils. Alfamalt was the first homoeopathic malt tonic introduced in India by Medisynth.
Medisynth has personal and beauty care products for skin care, hair care, oral care. Medisynth has a variety of range in Homeopathy medicines, Homeopathic Dilutions, Homeopathy Mother Tinctures, and Homeopathic Trituration Tablets.
Medisynth is one of the leading brand when it comes to the world of homeopathy. 
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