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Adel Homeopathic Medicine

The founder of PEKANA, Dr. Peter Beyersdorff, started his career in 1949 with an obligatory apprenticeship in a pharmacy. After two years, he completed his term, earning a pharmaceutical assistant degree. During his term as a pharmaceutical assistant Dr. Beyersdorff became extensively acquainted with a large variety plant remedies.

After finishing his studies at the University of Tubingen, Dr. Beyersdorff received a doctoral degree in Munich. The doctoral thesis was on the plant sarothamnus (Sarothamnus scoparius), that later appeared as the logo of PEKANA. Dr. Beyersdorff seemed to have his dreams fulfilled when he built a pharmacy in Sulzfeld in 1960. Diseases and tragic losses within the family, however, opened the eyes of the pharmacist to the possibilities of alternative healing methods. As a result, a period of intensive study and experimenting began.

ADELMAR PHARMA GmbH, Forst, Germany has joined hands with  PEKANA, Germany  to manufacture and distribution of  homoeopathic medicines that meet the highest international standards set in the pharmaceutical industry.

Their comprehensive line of highly effective remedies have been developed to help practitioners successfully treat both acute and chronic illnesses, while avoiding the detrimental side effects that often accompany use of allopathic drugs.

Importantly, medications do not merely suppress or mask symptoms, but heal the underlying causes of a wide variety of illnesses, such as bacterial infections, cystitis, liver disease, sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and many chronic conditions considered difficult to treat.

The company is manufacturing a wide range of Mother Tinctures, Dilutions in different potency levels, Trituration tablets, Adel No. 1-87, Biochemic Tablets, Biocombinations, Speciality formulations like Diacard, Alfalfa Tonic, Neo Card-N Drops, Phytolacca Berry Tablets.

Adel is one of the leading German brand when it comes to the world of homeopathy.

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