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Adel 31 (Upelva) (20 ml)

Adel 31 (Upelva) (20 ml)

Beneficial in irregular menstrual disorders ,weakness & fatigue


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Useful in

Ideal For:       Female

Form:             Drops

Weight:          60 (gms)


For menstruation complaints.

For painful; irregular; premature/late; heavy/scanty periods; breast swelling and mood swings.

Sensations of dysmenorrhea appear in many women without any recognizable cause (primary dysmenorrhea), while organic or functionally caused forms also exist. ADEL 31 (UPELVA) drops provide a gentle therapy for painful menstruation, breast swelling, the danger of prolapse, leucorrhea and other symptoms.

Cyclamen europaeum addresses irregular menstruation due to ovarian dysfunction that primarily arises during the development years. Symptoms include severe pain that projects from the back to pubic bone accompanied by overly strong or lumpy menstruation, hardening of the breasts, headaches or migraines and leucorrhea.

Datura stramonium helps psychological unrest that may lead to sleep disorders. It also treats strong menstruation accompanied by dark, lumpy discharge and mood swings.

Delphinium staphysagria treats neurasthenia related to sad or depressed mood conditions, as well as female sexual organs sensitive to pain and itching. This healing substance addresses neuralgia throughout the entire body, is excellent for treating injuries due to uterine or intrauterine pessary. It also helps resolve leucorrhea and pruritis vulvae.

Chamaelirium luteum soothes exhausted, nervous and hyper-irritated women who suffer from severe weakness in the lower abdomen/hypogastrium. It is also indicated for uterine pain and weakened ligaments of the uterus with the danger of prolapse, and treats symptoms of breast pain and pelvic inflammation.

Hypericum perforatum treats three important areas: psychological regulation during menstruation; wounds while providing protection against infections; and pain in the sexual organs as well as other parts of the body.

Kalium carbonicum treats inflammatory conditions in the female sexual organs as well as irregular menstruation that is strong or foul-smelling. This substance, besides being effective in treating heart neurosis, eliminates sex gland weakness as well as general muscle weakness (Oligomenorrhea, menorrhagia, cardioneurosis).

Xanthoxylum fraxineum treats constantly increasing headaches that occur with inflammatory irritation of the female sexual organs and severe, nocturnal uterine pain. It helps regulate influences on the digestive organs and addresses nausea and intestinal performance anomalies that frequently accompany this condition.

Viburnum opulus is effective in treating spastic back pain in the lumbar region that often radiates to the thighs and may be accompanied by dull, severe headaches.

Adults – 15–20 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water or as directed by the physician.

ADEL 51 (PSY-stabil drops) – Emotional stability
ADEL 69 (CLAUPAREST drops) – Circulatory dysfunction

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