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Homeopathy LM Potency

The discovery of 50 Millesimal potency by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was resultant of the quest for a perfect method of potentization, which took around four decades of eventful, valuable efforts. This method of dynamization the material part of the medicine is lessened with each degree of dynamization 50,000 times, yet incredibly increased in power.
 In the footnote of the aphorism 246 Master Hahnemann denotes the new method “new dynamization method”, “new, altered but perfected method”.
In Aphorism 161, he termed it as ‘renewed dynamization’ .
Dr. Pierre Schmidt of Geneva termed  this new scale as ’50 Millesimal’.
 Dr. S. Rawson described it as ‘succussed  dilution’ 
In eastern region, it is commonly indicated as ‘new method’ and western countries as ‘LM method’.

This new method of dynamization is denoted by prefixing ‘0’, which represents symbolically the poppy sized globules to be used in this scale or by capital letters ‘LM’, where L stands for ’50’ and ‘M’ for ‘Millesimal’. It is written as 0/1, 0/2, 0/3, 0/4, 0/5 or LM/6, LM/7, LM/8, LM/9 etc.
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