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SBL Chamomilla LM0/1 (20 gm)

SBL Chamomilla LM 0/1 (20 gm)

Children complaints, colic, toothache, Stiff joints, all pains, sciatica, Convulsions, Diarrhoea


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Form:                   Drops

Common Name:  Matricaria Chamomilla

It is a highly EMOTIONAL; TEMPERAMENTAL and OVERSENSITIVE remedy, oversensitiveness from abuse of coffee and narcotics. It is particularly suited to diseases of pregnant women, nurses and little CHILDREN. Bad temper, frantic irritability and snappish. Pain is intolerable; becomes mad with pain, or magnifies her pains and prostrated, with pain. Very cross, cannot be appeased. Tosses about. Cries out or walks the floor. Demands instant relief for his suffering; he would rather die than suffer. Mental and physical symptoms appear in paroxysms; irritability, restlessness, COLIC; cough etc. Numbness; after pain; on awakening. Repeated spasms; of face, arms, legs etc. Colic, diarrhoea, jaundice, twitching and convulsions after anger. Neuralgic or gouty rheumatic diathesis. Cramps; with bilious vomiting; of muscles. Convulsion during dentition. Hot and thirsty. Hot sweat, with pains. Opium of Homoeopathy. Bad effects of bad temper. During convulsions body becomes stiff, with opisthotonus; eyes roll about, face becomes wry; thumbs turn inwards.

Breast Affections. Acidity. Anger. Asthma (from anger). Blepharospasm. Catarrh. Coffee, effects of. Colic. Convulsions. Cough. Cramp. Croup. Dentition. Diarrhoea. Dysmenorrhoea. Dyspepsia. Earache. Eyes: blepharitis; ophthalmia. Eructations. Erysipelas. Excitement. Excoriation. Fainting fits. Fevers. Flatulence. Flatulent colic. Gout. Gum-rash. Headache. Hernia. Hysterical joint. Influenza. Jaundice. Lienteria. Labour: disorders of; after-pains. Mastitis. Menstruation, disordered. Miliary eruption. Milk-fever. Miscarriage. Mumps. Neuralgia. Parotitis. Perichondritis. Peritonitis. Pregnancy, disorders of. Red-gum. Rheumatism. Salivation (nocturnal). Sciatica. Screaming. Sensitiveness. Spasms. Speech, affections of. Toothache. Ulcers. Uterus, diseases of. Waking, screaming on. Whooping cough.

As Prescribed by the Physician.

  • Children, newborn and during period of dentition.
  • Peevish, irritable,oversensitive to pain, driven to despair, snappish, cannot return a civil answer.
  • Piteous moaning of child because he cannot have what he wants
  • Cannot endure anyone near him, is cross, cannot bear to be spoken to, aversion to talking, answers peevishly.
  • Complaints from anger especially chill and fever.
  • The baby is very irritable, cross, uncivil. Child cannot bear any one near him and cannot bear to be spoken to. Child may suffer from diarrhoea during dentition which is greenish, hot, very offensive like rotten eggs.
  • Child wants many things which he refuses again. Piteous moaning because he cannot have what he wants. 
  • Throbbing headache in one-half of the brain. Inclined to bend head backward.
  • One cheek red and hot; the other pale and cold
  • Toothache, if anything warm is taken, from coffee, during pregnancy, on entering a warm room.
  • Hot, green, watery, fetid, slimy, with colic. Chopped white and yellow mucus like chopped eggs and spinach.
  • Sleepy but cannot sleep
  • Desires open air yet over sensitive to it. Great aversion to wind especially about ears.
  • Convulsions of children from nursing after a fit of anger in mother
  • Diarrhœa during dentition, from cold, anger, chagrin, after tobacco, from downward motion.
  • Milk runs out in nursing women.
  • Violent rheumatic pains drive him out of bed aat night, compel him to walk about.
  • Burning in soles at night, puts feet out of bed.
  • Feel as if she is walking on the ends of bones of her legs. Feet as if paralysed, cannot step on them, at night. 
  • In cases spoiled by the use of opium or morphine in complaints of children.


  • Worse: by heat, anger, open air, wind, night.
  • Better: from being carried, warm wet weather

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