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Adel 54 (Cangust) (20 gm)

Adel 54 (Cangust) (20 gm)

Beneficial in chest pain,high blood pressure & heart tonic


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Form:             Drops

Weight:          60 (gms)

For prevention of heart attack and also follow up after a heart attack.

Preventative treatment, or follow-up therapy following a heart attack, must complement the glycoside effects, but not interfere with required allopathic drugs. In addition, the therapy should enable the patient to reduce the dosage of prescribed drugs over time. ADEL 54 (CANGUST) drops provide anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic properties that help prevent coronary insufficiency and sclerosis, but do not disrupt drug therapies. This remedy also prevents hyperacidification of the heart muscle, making it valuable for prophylaxis of a heart attack.

Aesculus hippocastanum is an anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic substance. It treats portal vein blockage and blockage of veins in the pelvic area that ultimately are manifested as hemorrhoids. It is indicated in threatening apoplexy or following an attack. This plant also improves capillary resistance and blood viscosity, thereby preventing further negative developments.

Arnica montana reduces congestion in the arterial and venous vessels and combats inflammatory tendencies that, combined with arteriosclerosis or coronary sclerosis, can lead to apoplexy. Numbness in the head with dizziness, rapid pulse, and stabbing or pressure around the heart are indications of this situation.

Aurum chloratum treats mood swings often associated with heart conditions. It also addresses the arteriosclerotic hypertonic circulatory situation where the patient suffers fear and shortness of breath. It harmonizes and restores a regular heartbeat, and restores disrupted digestive capabilities.

Carbo vegetabilis plays a key role in this complex by reducing the overload of carbonic acid in the blood. It treats myocardial weakness, alleviates cardiac insufficiency and improves O2 utilization. This substance also restores the proper exchange of gases that, when disrupted, leads to circulatory weakness and danger of collapse. In addition, Carbo eliminates anomalies in the digestive organs and dyspeptic conditions in the stomach area.

Lachesis muta is indicated for the treatment of latent and diagnosable septic blood conditions. It also treats fear and depression, improves the patient’s mood, and addresses stenocardia attacks, such as myocarditis, endocarditis and angina pectoris. Importantly, this substance addresses infectious developments in the blood vessels system to prevent the danger of thrombus or blood clot development.

Prunus laurocerasus treats heart weakness based on mitral insufficiency. Indications include tightness in the heart and feelings of suffocation during any kind of physical strain. The substance also treats cardio pulmonary insufficiency that can lead to circulatory collapse if not addressed.

Nicotinia tabacum specifically treats vessel spasms in cases of cerebral sclerosis, reduces danger of collapse, and eliminates the so-called vasovagal syndrome. These symptoms include fear, pains projecting into the left arm (angina pectoris), rhythm disruptions, anomalies in temperature, nerve weakness with shaking and paresthetic feelings.

Strophantus gratus improves coronary circulation, increases the systole and reduces the number of pulse beats. It treats myocardial degeneration and angina pectoris and performs the important function of regulating the coronary and intestinal vessels to help normalize blood pressure.

Adults – 15–20 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water or as prescribed by the physician

ADEL 3 (apo-HEPAT drops) – Liver function
ADEL 25 (SOMCUPIN drops) – Sleeplessness
ADEL 28 (PLEVENT drops) – Fat metabolism
ADEL 43 (CARDINORMA drops) – Strengthens the heart
ADEL 51 (PSY-stabil drops) – Emotional stability
ADEL 69 (CLAUPAREST drops) – Circulatory dysfunction

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