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Adel Acid Fluoricum30 CH (10 ml)

Adel Acid Fluoricum 30 CH (10 ml)

For Varicose veins, ulcers, bone caries


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Form:                    Drops

Common Name:  Hydrofluoric acid 

Destructiveness is the keynote of this acid. It produces slow deeply destructive effects, caries of bones esp. long bones; ulcerations, bedsores; varicose veins. It is suitable to complaints of old age or prematurely aged. Pale, miserable, cachectic, flabby and broken down patients. Always feels too hot; wants to bathe in cold water. Tissues are puffy, indurated and fistulous. Discharges are thin; foul, acrid or salty, causing itching. Oedema. Felon. Naevi. Secondary syphilis. Increased ability to exercise his muscles, without fatigue, regardless of most excessive heat of summer or cold of winter. Numbness; of the part not lain on; in brain diseases, spinal affections. Calcareous degeneration. Naevus, flat. Suffering if the call for evacuation is not immediately attended to. Dropsy; with numbness or without. Goitre. Patient is compelled to move about energetically.  Hob-nailed liver of alcoholics.Goitre Early decay of teeth. Old cases of nightly fevers, coming on periodically. Is less affected by excessive heat in summer or cold in winter. Sensation as of a cold wind blowing under lids, even in warm room; as of air passing down from shoulder-joint to fingers. Numbness of limbs even when not lain on. Teeth are deficient in enamel; black, rough, unsightly-looking. Increased sensitiveness of vision and hearing. Old cicatrices become redder and itch. Small red spots here and there, < by warmth, better in cool place. Red blotches on body which tend to desquamate. Nails grow rapidly. 

Abscess. Alcoholism. Alopecia. Apoplexy. Bone, affections of. Brain, atrophy of. Cicatrix. Coccygodynia. Decubitus. Dropsies. Eyes, affections of. Fistula. Gleet. Goitre. Gonorrhoea. Haemorrhoids. Hair, falling out. Hands, perspiring. Headache. Hydrocele. Liver, induration of. Locomotor ataxy. Naevus. Nose, inflammation of. Nymphomania. Otorrhoea. Peritonitis. Perspiration. Pityriasis. Satyriasis. Splenalgia. Suppuration. Syphilis. Teeth, defective. Toothache. Tongue, ulceration of. Varicosis. Veins, diseased. Whitlow. Ulcers

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Indifference towards those loved best.
  • Is less affected by excessive heat of summer or cold of winter.
  • Ulcers; red edges and vesicles. Decubitus; worse, warmth.
  • Dropsy of limbs in old, feeble constitution.
  • Violent pains like streaks of  lightning, confined to a small spot.
  • Feels as if hot vapour were emitted from all the pores. Dry, harsh, itching or cracked skin.
  • Scars; surrounded by pimples; become red around the edges. 
  • Falling out of hair; after fevers. Brittle, tousy hair.
  • Hair Falling in Spots. Alopecia. Hair sticks together, dry, breaks off.
  • Old cicatrices become red & round edged & threaten to become open ulcers.
  • Varicose veins & ulcers in obstinate & long standing cases.
  • Tongue; fissured in all directions; painful when talking.  Ulcer on and under tongue.
  • Difficulty of breathing; with or alternating with metrorrhagia.
  •  Nails distorted, crumble, grow rapidly.
  • Caries and necrosis of long bones, Psoric or syphilitic, abuse of mercury or silica.
  • Heaviness and weight in stomach heat in stomach before meals. Sour eructations. Averse to coffee, wants fancy dishes.
  • Desire for highly seasoned food. Craves cold water, hungry. Warm drinks produce diarrhœa.
  • Rapid caries of teeth.
  • Menstruation too early and too copious; the discharge is thick and coagulated.
  • Exostoses of bones of face.
  • Sleeplessness without inclination to sleep; a short sleep suffices and refreshes him.


  • Worse: Warmth, Morning, Warm drinks, Rapid motion. Short sleep. Bending head back. Eating.
  • Better: Cold while walking, heat of room. Night. Alcohol, (Red wine). Sour foods.

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