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Adel Aconite Napellus30 CH (10 ml)

Adel Aconite Napellus 30 CH (10 ml)

High temperature, coryza, dry cough, headache, colic, anxiety, in initial stages of any acute disease


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Form:                   Drops

Common Name:  Monkshood

Family:                 Ranunculacea

The rapidity of action of Aconite, determines its symptomatology. Its symptoms are acute, violent, and painful. They appear suddenly, remain for a short while, as of a big storm, which soon blows over. Aconite causes only functional disturbance, no evidence that it can produce tissue change--its action is brief and shows no periosicity. Its sphere is in the beginning of an acute disease and not to be continued after pathological change comes.  Mind is affected by such emotional factors as FRIGHT; SHOCK Vexation. Nerves are excited and the patient remains under emotional and nervous tension. Neuralgic pains are very intense. FEAR IS INTENSE, SO much so that the patient becomes frantic, screams, groans, gnaws the fist, bites the nails, wants to die. Fear of fright remains. Fear accompanying most trivial ailments. Heart and arterial circulation is affected strongly producing congestion to the head, (often apoplectic) and chest. It is a remedy for acute inflammation and congestion. Haemorrhages are bright red. Pains are sticking, tearing. Sensations of burning, numbness, tingling prickling or crawling are marked. Parts feel big or deformed. External soreness, with internal heaviness. Sudden loss of strength_collapse. Special senses acute. Parts remain sore or numb, after the pains. Convulsions. Faintness. Children put their hands to the affected part. Complaints caused by exposure to cold, dry weather, especially respiratory affections. Gastro- intestinal disturbances, are caused by exposure to very hot weather. It is adapted to persons of robust habit. Complaints, after surgical shocks and injury, or checked perspiration. Remote effects of fright. Cries out and grasps the genitals, Crepitation.

In initial stages of any acute disease, Asthma, Chicken pox, Convulsions, Cough, Diarrhoea, Amenorrhoea, Bad effects of fear & fright, Fever, Headache, Inflamation, Menses, Vertigo. Blindness. Chill. Deafness. Dyspnoea. Ears, noises in. Hemicrania. Hydrophobia. Landry's paralysis. Liver, enlargement of. Neuralgia. Å’sophagus, spasms of. Spasms. Spleen, enlargement of. Tetanus. Tongue, affections of. Trismus. Vomiting.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • First stage of any acute case which start suddenly & violently like a strom
  • Great fear & anxiety of mind, intense nervousness. The patient tosses in agony
  •  Anxiety, fright, physical and mental restlessness, fear and nervous excitement. suddenness of all complaints, result of shock or fright. 
  • Complaints caused by exposure to dry cold air, dry north or west winds or exposure to draughts of cold air while perspiration.
  • Music is unbearable, makes her sad.
  • Conjunctivitis from cinders or other foreign bodies. Eyes, glitter stare, bleared. Aversion or desire for light.
  • Fear of death, fear of darkness, fear of bed, fear of ghosts, and fear of going out in crowd. The patient also predicts the date and even hour of death.
  • The patient is very much restless and does everything in great haste. Mental anxiety, tension, worry and fear accompany most of the trivial ailments. 
  • Dry & hot skin with rare sweat
  • Unquenchable thirst for large quantities of water
  • Paralysis from exposure to dry cold wind
  • Everything tastes bitter except water.
  • Acute inflammations with high fever, dark redness, burning and stinging. Swallowing difficult.
  • Palpitations, with anxiety  fainting and tingling in fingers, pain down left arm. and fear of death, restlessness; as if boiling water in chest. As if heart will explode.Heart pains into left shoulder, worse sitting erect.
  • Face: Red, hot, flushed, swollen. One cheek red, the other pale
  •  Rheumatic inflammation of joints; worse at night; red shining swelling, very sensitive. Hip-joint and thigh feel lame, especially after lying down. Knees unsteady; disposition of foot to turn
  • Fever: Cold stage most marked. Cold sweat and icy coldness of face. Coldness and heat alternate. Evening chilliness soon after going to bed. Cold waves pass through him. Thirst and restlessness always present. Chilly if uncovered or touched. Dry heat, red face. Most valuable febrifuge with mental anguish, restlessness, etc. Sweat drenching, on parts lain on; relieving all symptoms.


  • Better: in open air, perspiration
  • Worse: in warm room, in evening and night lying on affected side, from music, from tobacco-smoke, dry, cold winds.

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