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Adel Bio Combination 18 (25 gm)

Adel Bio Combination 18 (25 gm)

Pyorrhoea of Gums, Bleeding and Inflammation of Gums



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Useful in

Form:     Tablets

  • Gums are spongy swollen and inflamed; they bleed easily.
  • Pusin the gums foul breath.
  • Gum boil,  gums sensitive to cold, 
  • Unnatural looseness of the teeth, toothache, abscess at root of teeth, 
  • Spongy bleeding gums
  • Pus in gums and foul breath.
  • Calcarea fluorica: Gum-boil, with hard swelling on the jaw, toothache, with pain if any food touches the tooth.Unnatural looseness of teeth with or without pain, teeth becomes loose in their socket, toothache. Deficiency of fluoride weakens the enamel and sensitiveness of teeth becomes high; it cannot tolerate cold, heat, sour or touch. Swelling of jaw bone is relieved and chances of suppuration are lowered. 
  • Silicea: Gums sensitive to cold air. Boils on gums. Abscess at root of teeth. Sensitive to  cold water. Imperfect assimilation, defective nutrition, caries & abscess. It arrests suppurative processes and useful in ailments linked with pus formation. 
  • Calcarea sulphurica: arrests the suppurative process. It has the power to arrest multiplication of infection and eliminate those present. Yellowish purulent secretions, offensive smell, ulcers, abscesses etc.  Sour, soapy, acrid taste in mouth. Yellow coating at base of teeth. 
  •    4 tablets four times a day or as prescribed by the physician

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