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Adel Conium Maculatum 1X (Q) (20ml)

Adel Conium Maculatum 1X (Q) (20ml)

For inflamed glands, Tinnitus, Menstrual back pains, Trembling Legs, vertigo, cancer, paralysis



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Form:                     Drops

Common Name:   Poison Hemlock

Family:                  Umbelliferae

It affects the NERVES, AND MUSCLES, causing incoordination and paralysis; uncertain gait, difficult speech; patient becomes gradually WEAK. Irregular, action; development of symptoms. Sudden loss of strength while walking. Trembling of all the limbs. Suddenly sick and weak, with numbness. Useful in old age or for those persons who become old early; for old maids, for bachelors, for youths who suffer from ill effects of masturbation. Glands esp. MAMMARY and ovaries are affected with engorgement, and STONY INDURATIONS. Sensation as of a lump; in brain; in epigastrium. Ascending symptoms; paralysis; after diphtheria. Tearing, stabbing pains. New growths. Arteriosclerosis. Multiple neuritis. Cancerous diathesis. Patients who are worse when idle. Paroxysms of hysteria and hypochondriasis from sexual abstinence or sexual excess. Hysterical convulsions. Ill effects of contusions, blows, overstraining, overwork. Grief. Easily intoxicated. Women broken down, tired of life, discouraged; who feel as if they were to cry; and swallow and choke as from a lump in the throat. Progressive debility. Chronicity. Clothes distress. Faints at stool. Sensation as of a hoop or band or something tight around the part. General feeling as if bruised by blows. Great debility in the morning in bed. Weakness of body and mind, trembling, and palpitation. Cancerous diathesis. Arterio-sclerosis. Caries of sternum. Enlarged glands. Acts on the glandular system, engorging and indurating it, altering its structure like scrofulous and cancerous conditions. Tonic after grippe. Insomnia of multiple neuritis.

Asthma. Bladder, inflammation of. Breast, affections of; painful. Bronchitis. Bruises. Cancer. Cataract. Chorea. Cough. Depression of spirits. Diphtheritic paralysis. Dysmenia (membranous). Erysipelas. Eyes, affections of. Galactorrhoea. Herpes. Hypochondriasis. Jaundice. Liver, enlarged. Melancholia. Menstruation, disordered. Numbness. Ovaries, affections of. Paralysis; Landry's. Peritonitis. Phthisis. Pregnancy, painful breasts during. Prostatitis. Ptoses. Scrofula. Spermatorrhoea. Sterility. Stomach, affections of. Testicles, affections of. Tetters. Trismus. Tumours. Ulcers. Vertigo. Vision, disordered. Wens. Glandular affections.

Take 15 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

  • The 'Balm of Gilead' for diseases of old maids and women during and after climacteric.
  • Especially for diseases of old men, old maids, old bachelors, with rigid muscular fibre, persons with light hair who easily excited, strong persons of sedentary habbits.
  • Debility of old prople, complaints caused by a blow or fall, cancerous and scrofulous persons with enlarged glands, rigid fibre.
  • No inclination for business or study, indolent, indifferent, takes no intrest in anything.
  • Memory weak, unable to sustain any mental effort.
  • Excitment of any kind causes mental depression. Domineering, quarrelsome, scolds, will not bear contradictions.
  • Dreads being alone, yet avoids society.
  • Glandular induration of stony hardness of mammae and testicles in persons of cancerous tendency, after bruises and injuries of glands.
  • Breasts sore, hard and painful before and during menstruation.
  • Vertigo when lying down or turning head side wise or looking around or turning in bed.
  • Great difficulty in voiding urine, flow intermits, then flows again.
  • Sweat day & night as soon as the patient sleeps or while closing the eyes. Very offensive sweat
  • Swelling & induration of glands after contusion or bruise
  • Cancerour & scrofulous persons with enlarged glands
  • Retention and incontinence of urine with difficulty in voiding. The urine flows and stops alternately with interrupted discharge and dribbling of urine.
  • Relaxed and shrunken breasts or hardness of breast from induration and is very sensitive to touch. Enlargement of breasts with painful stitches in the nipples. 
  • Desire for warmth especially of sun,coffee,acid & salty food. Aversion to light without inflammation of eyes, worse using eyes in artificial light, often the students remedy for night work.
  • Dry cough, almost continuous, hacking; worse, evening and at night; caused by dry spot in larynx with itching in chest and throat, when lying down, talking or laughing, and during pregnancy. Expectoration only after long coughing.
  • Frequent urging; hard, with tenesmus. Tremulous weakness after every stool.Heat and burning in rectum during stool.
  • Ascending type of paralysis
  • Menses feeble, suppressed, too late, scanty of short duration, parts sensitive, with  Rash of small red pimples over bodywhich ceases with the flow, stopped by taking cold and putting hands in cold water.
  • Leucorrhoea: ten days after menses, acrid, bloody, milky, profuse, thick, intermits.
  • Bad effects of suppressed mensess; non gratification of sexual instinct or from excessive indulgence.


  • Worse: from lying down, turning or rising in bed, before and during menses, from taking cold, physical or mental exertion.
  • Better: while fasting, in the dark, motion and pressure.

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