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Adel Sabal Serrulata30 CH (10 ml)

Adel Sabal Serrulata 30 CH (10 ml)

Underdeveloped breast, Pain in testicular region, Increases weight, Prostatitis


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Form:                   Drops

Common Name: Saw palmetto

Sabal is homeopathic to irritability of the genito-urinary organs esp., prostate, ovaries; mammae, bladder and urethra are especially influenced by this medicine. General and sexual debility. Promotes nutrition and tissue building. Head, stomach, and ovarian symptoms marked. Of unquestioned value in prostatic enlargement, epididymitis, and urinary difficulties. Acts on membrano-prostatic portion of urethra. Iritis, with prostatic trouble. Valuable for undeveloped mammary glands. Fear of going to sleep. Languor, apathy and indifference. It is soothing to the mucous membranes and is tonic, nutritive and stimulating to the over worked brain. Sharp, stinging wandering pains. Homoeopathic catheter for retention of urine due to enlarged prostate. Nervous women and old men. Debility. Nervous irritability, with loss of sexual appetite in both sexes. Sexual neurotics.

Appendicitis. Asthma, catarrhal. Atrophic pharyngitis. Atrophic rhinitis. Atrophy, Backache. Breasts, inflamed; painful; atrophy of. Bronchitis. Catarrh. Cystitis. Dysmenorrhoea. Dysuria. Enuresis. Glands, affections of. Gleet. Gonorrhoea. Headache. Hoarseness. Impotence. Innutrition. Iritis. Lactation, defects of. Laryngitis, catarrhal. Lumbago. Menses, delayed. Neuralgia. Neurasthenia. Obesity. Ovaries, affections of. Peritonitis. Phthisis. Proctitis. Prostate, enlarged; affections of. Puerperal fever. School-headache. Sterility. Strangury. Testes, atrophy of. Throat, sore; catarrhal. Urine, incontinence of. Uterus, affections of; misplacements of; tumours of. Whooping-cough.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Irritability and depression; sympathy made her angry. Broods on her own sufferings or symptoms.
  • Fears to fall asleep lest something should happen. Starts up with fear as he is dozing.
  • Sharp, darting pains here and there going and coming suddenly. Pain runs up nose and centres in forehead.
  • Constant desire for milk; which is usually disliked. Acidity. Eructations.
  • Pains into thighs; radiating to different directions, settling in ovaries.
  • Enuresis, from any exertion, lifting, laughing etc. Difficult urination; smarting, burning in urethra.
  • Mammae, sore tender and full worse cold bath; or small and undeveloped. Genitals cold One mammae smaller than other. 
  • Fears to fall asleep, lest something should happen; starts up with this fear when he is dozing.
  • Enlarged or congested prostate; senile. Wasting of testes and loss of sexual power. Painful, erection or emission of semen, during coition. 


  • Worse: Weather-cold, damp, cloudy. Sympathy. Before menses.

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