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Allen Milk Thistle (30 Capsules-400mg)

Allen Milk Thistle (30 Capsules-400mg)

Improves Digestion, Jaundice, Fatty Liver, vomiting, Pain in liver region


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Form:  Capsule

The key target of milk thistle supplementation has been the reduction of liver disease. Silymarin is effective in managing the impact of various toxins which cause liver damage. These would include alcohol, chemotherapy agents and paracetamol. In clinical studies the use of silymarin has been shown to facilitate protection against liver damage, and one of the primary attributes of silymarin has been identified are its antioxidant functions. Additionally, milk thistle has further influences in the regenerative capacity of the liver, assists in formation of new liver cells and provides further cellular protection by stabilising liver cell membranes to prevent toxins moving into the cells. The larger impact of these physiological benefits is the impediment of fibrosis and cirrhosis due to excessive liver inflammation (commonly seen in alcoholism); improved immune function and response to liver damage.

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily with water or as prescribed by the physician

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