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Allen X-cite Dum Drop (30 ml)

Allen X-cite Dum Drop (30 ml)

Tonic for Men. Restores stamina. For General Debility & Depression


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Useful in

Form:             Drops

Weight:          60 (gms)

Powerful nervine tonic for men.

  • Acid Phos: Emissions at night and at stool. Stamina deficient, testicles tender and swollen. Parts relax during embrace. Weakness with nervous exhaustion. Prostatorrhoea, even when passing stool.
  • Damiana: An aphrodisiac, general tonic and antidepressant. It acts on sexual neurasthenia, sexual debility from nervous prostration.
  • Nuphar luteum:  retracted and relaxed penis, and pain in penis and testes.
  • Ginseng: Used as a secretary gland stimulant, it acts on pain after emission, weakness of genital organs and related problems. Recommended for impotence, premature ejaculation, maintaining vitality, etc.
  • Agnus castus Lack of erection, loss of prostatic fluid or scanty emission without ejaculation. Sexual melancholia, nervous depression and lack of drive.
  • Caladium seguinum: Impotency: Penis is relaxed with sexual desire, excitement & mental depression. There is no erection even after caress, no emission, no orgasm during an embrace
  • Withania somnifera : Efficacious in total or partial destruction of intellect, where the power of thinking, memory and expression is paralysed. It acts in impotence and all kinds of seminal deficiencies.
  • Onosmodium virginianum: Vertigo and sensations of numbness and general muscular prostrationNeuralgic pains, of a dull, heavy aching character, and affect cervical and spinal nerves and pelvic organ
  • Yohimbinum: Nervous weakness of the sexual organs with inability to perform in males. 
  • Selenium: Sleep prevented by pulsation in all vessels, worse abdomen. Sleepless until midnight, awakens early and always same hour. Irritability after coitus.Dribbling of semen during sleep. Dribbling of prostatic fluid.Loss of sexual power, with lascivious fancies. Increases desire, decreases ability.Semen thin, odourless. Sexual weakness.On attempting coition, penis relaxes. 
  • Tribulus terrestris: Regulates hormones in men, women, builds body mass, Reduces stress, Prostatitis, Premature ejaculations

Take 10-15 Drops diluted with half cup of water twice a day or as prescribed by the physician

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