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Bakson's B14 Renal drops (30 ml)

Bakson's B14 Renal drops (30 ml)

For Renal Calculi, Colic pain, Urinary Tract Infections, burning urine


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Form:              Drops

Weight:           90 (gms)

Indicated for for symptoms of renal calculi including colic and urinary tract infection

Acidum nitricum : Stones with scanty, dark, offensive urine. Burning and stinging. Cloudy, phosphatic urine, cold on passing. Urine smells like horse's urine.Haematuria and albuminuria. 

Berberis vul : Colic pain radiating, shooting outwards, sticking, burning, smarting, sore, insensible to heat and cold. Urinary system - Inflammation of kidney radiating thence around abdomen, to hips & groin.Gurgling or bubbling sensations in the kidneys, especially, left sided. Urine greenish, blood red, with thick slimy mucus. 

Lycopodium clav. : In calculi with pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left. pain in back before urinating.Red sand in urine. Urethra burns when not urinating. 

Uva urise : Cystitis with bloody urine. Chronic vesical irritation. Painful micturition with burning sensation. Burning after discharge of slimy urine. Urine contains blood and tough mucous which can be rolled out of the vessel in large masses. 

Sarsaparilla : Pain from right kidney downwards. Renal colic. Severe pain at the conclusion of urination. Urine dribbles when sitting. urine psses in thin, feeble stream.

Take 10-15 drops diluted in water 2 hourly, 6 times a day in acute pain or as prescribed by the physician 

Once better reduce dose to thrice a day or as prescribed by the physician 

In Prostatic Hypertrophy accompanied by Cystitis : B13.
In colics due to Calculi : B19 or Bakson Bakunil syrup.
In Cystitis and Cysto-Pyelitis & bacteriuria : Use B35 in addition or alternation with B14.
In Albuminuria & Nephrosis : B 63.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can it be used for kidney stones?

    Renal Drops is very effective in Renal Calculi

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