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Bakson's B19 Colic Drops (30 ml)

Bakson's B19 Colic Drops (30 ml)

Relieves Gas, Abdominal Colic, Constipation, appetite loss, Bloating


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Form:              Drops

Weight:           90 (gms)

Helps relieve flatulence, intestinal colic, abdominal spasm and constipation.

Alumina : Colic, like painters colic, great straining. Constipation of infants and old people from inactive rectum, and in women of very sedentary habit .hard, dry, knotty stools.

Bryonia alba :  Tenderness of abdominal walls.Constipation, stool hard, dry, liver region swollen, burning pain, stitches worse. Pressure in stomach after eating, as of a stone. Stools brown, thic, bloody. Soreness in stomach when coughing. 

Colocynthis : Agonizing cutting pain in abdomen, Feeling in stomach as if something would not remain in stomach; drawing pain.  Cutting pain in abdomen especially after anger.

Magnesium phos. : Cramping of muscles, flatulent colic, forcing patient to bend double, bloated, full sensation in abdomen; must loosen clothing, belching of gas, which gives no relief. The great anti-spasmodic remedy, cramping of muscles with radiating pains, flatulent colic, forcing patient to bend double.

Lycopodium clav. : Dyspepsia due to farinaceous and fermentable food, cabbage, beans, etc. Stool hard, difficult, small, incomplete, great weakness of digestion. Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left. 

Merc. subl. corr. : Tenesmus of the rectum, which is incessant, and is not relieved by the stool. Stabbing pain with chilliness, boring pain in right groin, flatulent distention with pain. Bile secreted deficiently.

Plumbum acet. : Excessive colic, radiating to all parts of body. Abdominal wall feels drawn by a string to spine. Severe pain and muscular cramps in gastric ulcer. Pain causes desire to stretch. 

Sulphur : Pain and soreness over liver. Colic after drinking. Very sensitive to pressure, internal feeling of rawness and soreness. Movements as of something alive.

Acute cases : Take 10-15 drops diluted in water, 2 hourly, 6 times a day or as prescribed by the physician 
Chronic cases : Take the dose 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician 

To sedate: B10
In Duodenal ulcer and Gastritis : Take additionally B2.
In Enterocolitis : Alternate with B3.
In Kidney Stone colics : Take additionally or alternatively with B14 or Bakson Bakunil syrup.
Gallbladder colics : Take alternatively with B32.
In Pancreatitis : B70.

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