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Bakson's B29 Intercostal Drops (30 ml)

Bakson's B29 Intercostal Drops (30 ml)

Relieves Pain in the ribs, Chest Pains with Burning, short breath


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Useful in

Form:             Drops

Weight:          90 (gms)

 For Intercostal Neuralgia.

Arsenicum album : Burning pains, ameliorated by warm applications. Midnight aggravations.Burning pains relieved by heart, periodical burning pains, with restlessness, with cold skin. paralysis. Trembling, jerking, convulsions and chorea twitching. 

Colocynthis : The neuralgic pains are nearly always relieved by pressure. Cramps, twitching and shortening of muscles. Constrictions and contractions. Intense neuralgias. Neuralgic pains are citting, pinching, clamping, gnawing or boring, followed by numbness, better by pressure. 

Ranunculus bul. : Organotherapeutic relationship to the chest-wall with violent pains.Various kinds of pains and soreness, as if bruised in sternum, ribs, intercostal spaces, burning and intense itching. Neuralgic-rheumatic pain associated with restlessness, ameliorated by constant motion.

10-15 drops should be diluted with water and taken every 30 minutes to 3 hours depending upon the acuteness of the pain or as prescribed by the physician 

In Osteoarthritis of the thoracic vertebrae as the cause of Intercostal Neuralgia: additionally B11.
In degernative discs lesions and Osteochondritis: B11 also give Bakson Calci Aid tablets additionally
In Sciatica:B69.
In the presence of Herpes Zoster or a previous history of this complaint : additionally B67 in alteration every ½-1-2 hours.
Trigeminal or Facial neuralgias: additionally B68.

Topically use Bakson Hypericum or Rhus tox. ointment.

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