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Bakson's B44 Convulsion Drops (30 ml)

Bakson's B44 Convulsion Drops (30 ml)

Check violent movement,twitching,jerking of muscles,trembling body


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Useful in

Form:             Drops

Weight:          90 (gms)

For cramps, spasms, convulsions and twitching of muscles.

  • Bufo. Rana: Acts on the nervous system, Epileptic symptoms. convulsive seizures. Convulsive seizures occur during sleep at night.  Numbness of brain  
  • Cuprum. Met: Tonic and clonic spasms, convulsions, and epileptic attacks convulsions, beginning in fingers and toes, violent, contractive,  Jerking, twitching of muscles. Coldness of hands. Spasmodic affections, cramps, convulsions, spasms convulsions and epileptic attacks. Epileptic cramps.
  • Puls. Nig: Fits of dizziness and loss of consciousness, with bluish redness and bloatedness of face, loss of motive power, violent palpitation of heart ,congestion and heat in head. Epileptic convulsions, with violent movements of limbs, followed by weakness, eructations, and inclination to vomit.  
  • Zinc. Met: Convulsions, with pale face and no heat. Lameness, weakness, trembling and twitching of various muscles. Chorea from fright or suppressed eruption. Convulsions with pale face and no heat. Body jerks wakes frightened, stared.
  • Silicea: Cramp in calves and soles. Loss of power in legs. Tremulous hands when using them. Increased susceptibility to nervous stimuli and exaggerated reflexes. Epilepsy

10-15 drops in some water should be taken 3 times daily for a minimum of 12-16 weeks or as prescribed by the physician 

With the onset of an attack 20 drops in some water should be taken every 1/2 hour to 2 hours or as prescribed by the physician 

Once improvement starts take dose twice daily.

In restlessness and excitement : B10.
Convulsions during teething : B18.
In Hysterical attacks : B53.
B45 is considered to be a useful complementary remedy.

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