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Bakson's B58 Pneumo Hepatic Drops (30 ml)

Bakson's B58 Pneumo Hepatic Drops (30 ml)

For Symptoms of Lung & Liver Disorders


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Form:             Drops

Weight:           90 (gms)

For associated symptoms of Lung and Liver disorders.

Arseni iod : Chronic inflammatory states of the lungs and bronchial tubes, with profuse, greenish-yellow, pus-like expectoration and short breath are especially relieved by  Arsenic Iodatum, for Prostration ( loss of energy) after work.Slight hacking cough with dry and stopped-up nostrils, cough dry, pneumonia. Numbness of the limbs and painful parts.

Cal carb hah : Liver region painful when stooping. Cutting in abdomen; swollen abdomen. Gets out of breath easily, liver region painful, gall stone colic, painless hoarseness, ulcers or adscesses in the lungs. Tickling cough troublesome at night, Sharp pains in chest from before backwards. 

Lycopodium clav : Tickling cough. Dyspnea. Tensive, constrictive, burning pain in chest  cough worse going down hill.. Liver sensitive. Brown spots on abdomen. Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left.  

Silicea : Pain or painful cold feeling in abdomen, better external heat. Hard, bloated. Colds fail to yield, sputum persistently muco-purulent and profuse, abscess of liver, emphysema, miners disease. Cough with expectoration in day, bloody or purulent. Stitches in chest through to back. 

10-15 drops in little water, 2-3 times daily before meals or as prescribed by the physician 

Bakson Liv Aid Syrup in Liver affections.
Bakson Alfalfa Tonic in loss of appetite.

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