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Bakson's B69 Sciatica Drops (30 ml)

Bakson's B69 Sciatica Drops (30 ml)

Relieve Pain in Legs and Back and Cramps associated with Sciatica



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Form:              Drops

Weight:           90 (gms)

For pain in legs, paraesthesia and cramps associated with Sciatica.

  • Aconite Nap: Sudden Numbness and tingling; shooting pains; icy coldness and insensibility of hands and feet. Crawling and tingling, as if bruised. Stiffness in nape of neck. Shooting pains, icy coldness and insensibility of hands and feet. Hip-joint and thigh feel lame.
  • Arsenic: Helps in Trembling, twitching, spasms, weakness, heaviness, uneasiness in the limbs.Cramps in calves. Swelling of feet. Sciatica. Burning pains. 
  • Colocynth: Sciatic pain, left side, drawing, tearing; better, pressure and heat; worse, gentle touch. Contraction of the muscles. Pain down right thigh; muscles and tendons feel too short; numbness with pains. cramps & twitching & shortening of muscles, sciatic pain, left side.
  • Gnaphalium Poly: Intense pain along the sciatic nerve; numbness alternates with pain. Frequent pains in calves and feet. Chronic backache in lumbar region; better resting on back. 
  • Mag Phos: Sciatica; feet very tender. Darting pains, General muscular weakness. Sciatica, feet very tender. Neuralgic pains relieved by warmth, sciatica; feet very tender.

Take 10-15 drops in little water 2-3 times daily before meals for atleast 12-16 weeks or as prescribed by the physician 

In acute cases the dose is to be taken 2 hourly, 6 times a day or as prescribed by the physician 

In the case of Prolapse of the verteberal disc or spinal Osteoarthritis it is recommended to take additionally B11
Peripheral vascular disorders together with Acroparaesthesia: B62.
In Trigeminal and Facial neuralgias : B68.

Topically use Dr Bakshi's Rheum Aid Gel, if necessary.

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