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Bakson's B8 Calcifation Drops (30 ml)

Bakson's B8 Calcifation Drops (30 ml)

Restores Cell Elasticity, Reduces Cholesterol levels, Palpitations


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Form:             Drops

Weight:           90 (gms)

Indicated for symptoms associated with Arteriosclerosis in general, senility, vertigo and weak memory. 

Arnica mon. : Fatty Heart & Hypertrophy. Affects the venous system inducing stasis. Helps to control hemorrhagic conditions. Tendency towards Apoplexy & Tissue DegenerationRelaxed blood vessels. Pulse feeble and irregular.  

Arsenicum iod. : Heart complaints which are caused due to chronic lung diseases, great prostration after over work. Pulse rapid &feble. 

Aurum mur. : Drawing and cutting in the heart. Violent pressure in the region of the heart. Cardiac anguish. Enlarged right side of the heart. 

Bar. mur: Cardiac symptoms that are associated with High Blood pressure, blood vessels that are contracted. Palpitations (increased heart beats) on exertion are helped to control with it, Indurated & narrowing of the cardiac orifice with pain. Narrowing of small blood vessels of the lung, modifies arterial tension.  

Calcarea. iod. : Pain in chest, difficulty breathing. Thyroid enlargements. Induration of glands.

Crataegus. oxy. : Hardness of the arteries. It has a solvent power upon the crustaceous and calcareous deposits in the arteries. Produces giddiness, lowered pulse, and air hunger and reduction in blood-pressure. Extreme breathing difficulty on least exertion,  pulse accelerated, irregular, feeble, intermittent.  Sustains heart in infectious diseases. Acts on the heart muscles & is a Heart tonic. Cardiac dropsy, valvular affections with dyspnoea. Fatty degeneration. Cardiac hypertrophy. 

Glonoinum :  Great lassitude, no inclination to work; extreme irritability, easily excited by the slightest opposition, ending in congestive head symptoms. Tendency to sudden &violent irregularities of circulation Heart complaints associated with severe headache.Cannot go uphill

Kali. iod. :  Stitching pains through lungs to back. Loss of memory. Swelling of bones & RicketsDyspnea on ascending, with pain in heart. 

Plumbum met. : Constrictive sensation in internal organs.Pulse, soft & small, dichrotic.Memory impaired. Excessive and rapid emaciation.  

10-15 drops should be diluted with water and taken 2-3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician 

During the initial therapy take 4-6 time a day or as prescribed by the physician 

During treatment salt should be avoided.

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