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Bakson's B9 Hemorrhoidal Drops (30 ml)

Bakson's B9 Hemorrhoidal Drops (30 ml)

Relieves from Hemorrhoids, Fissures and Piles with or without Bleeding


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Form:             Drops

Weight:           90 (gms)

Help to relieve haemorrhoids and anal fissure presenting with anal itching and profuse bleeding.

Acidum nitr : Pains appear and disappear quickly, Hemorrhages from bowels, profuse, bright. Bowels constipated. Violent cutting pains after stool lasting for hours.Sticking pains. Haemorrhoids bleed easily.

Aesculus hip: An excellent remedy for hemorrhoids. Venous stasis. Rectum feels full of small sticks. Burning in anus with chills up and down the back. Much pain after stool. Hemorrhoids blind or bleeding.  

Collinsonia can: Congestions; pelvic; reflex from or combined with hemorrhoids, especially cardiac. Dry feces. Rectum with Sensation of sharp sticks or sand in rectum, with cardiac pains.Itching of anus. Sense of constriction. 

Graphites : Burning hemorrhoids. Varices of rectum. Constipation, large, difficult, knotty stools united by mucus threads. Smarting, sore anus, itching with fissure of anus.  

Hamam. Virg. : Hemorrhoids with soreness of the affected parts. Anus feels raw & sore Hemorrhoids bleeding profusely . Pulsation in rectum.  

Kali. Carb. : Hemorrhoids, large, swollen, painful. Itching, ulcerated pimples around anus.Large, difficult stools, with stitching pain an hour before. Pain in hemorrhoids when coughing. Burning in rectum and anus.

 Lycopodium : Stool hard, difficult, small, incomplete. Hemorrhoids, very painful to touch, aching.

Paeonia off. : Hemorrhoids, fissures, ulceration of anus, Fistula ani, diarrhea, with anal burning and internal chilliness. Diarrhoea with anal burning & internal chilliness.Atrocious pains with & after each stool

Sulphur : Constipation; stools hard knotty, dry as if burnt, large painful. Burning pressure in rectum during stool, burning in anus after stool. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Redness around anus with itching.. Haemorrhoids oozing & belching.

Take 10-15 drops diluted in water, 2 hourly, 6 times a day or as prescribed by the physician 

Once improvement starts maintenance dose to be taken 2 times a day or as prescribed by the physician 

In simultanous Liver complaints: B32

In Varicosity & venostasis: B48 (use additionally or alternatively)

In Anaemia due to bleeding Haemorrhoids: Take additionally B42 & Bakson Ferrum Plus

In Sacral back pain in women: B55

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