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Bakson's Acid Muriaticum30 CH (30 ml)

Bakson's Acid Muriaticum 30 CH (30 ml)

For Diarrhoea, Haemorrhoids, Typhoid,Apthae


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Form:                    Drops

Common Name:   Hydrochloric acid (HCL)

Hydrochloric acid has an elective affinity for BLOOD, producing septic conditions similar to that found in low fevers, with high temperature and great prostration. MUSCLES are affected esp. of HEART; of bladder, anus, tongue etc., causing paresis. MUCOUS MEMBRANES; of the MOUTH and digestive tract; are dry, bleeding, cracked and deeply ulcerated. Soreness of the body causing RESTLESSNESS; frequently changes position, but soon grows weak and very debilitated; wants to lie down; slides down in bed; eyes fall shut, lower jaw drops. Bluish; tongue, piles, ulcers. Burnings. Tearing pains. Violent haemorrhages. Scorbutic states. Pulsations in single parts. Parts are dry, deeply ulcerated, bleeding or cracked. Bloody mucous membranes. Muscular exhaustion. Dropsical swelling. Decomposition of fluids. Involuntary stools while passing urine. Haemorrhages.

Anus, prolapse of. Chilblains. Chorea. Deafness (cerebral). Diphtheria. Enteric fever. Ephelis. Feet, soles, pains in. Gastric disorders. Haemorrhoids. Hemiopia. Impotence. Measles. Mercurial ulceration. Mouth, aphthae; psoriasis of tongue; ulcers. Scarlatina. Scurvy. Tendo Achillis, affections of. Tongue, affections of; psoriasis of. Typhus. Varices. Whooping-cough.  Diarrhoea. Heart troubles.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Malignant affections of mouth: Mouth studded with ulcers which are deep perforating & having a black or dark base
  • Offensive secretions & foul breath from mouth in fevers of all kinds
  • Burning in ulcers, eruptions, piles, stomach & abdomen
  • Great debility as soon as he sits down his eyes close.
  • Anus sore during menses.
  • Haemorrhoids: Swollen, blue, sensitive and painful to touch; appears suddenly in children; too sore to bear least touch, even sheet is uncomfortable.
  • Cannot bear the thought or sight of meat
  • Cannot urinate without having the bowels move at the same time.
  • Freckles: eczema solaris.
  • Pulse intermits ecery third beat.
  • Palpitation of heart is felt on face
  • Piles protudes while urinating 
  • Diarrhoea while urinating with involuntary stool
  • Haemorrhoids are very sensitive & painful to touch, Swollen & blue.
  • Tongue is coated at edges. Tongue is shrunken, dry and leather like.
  • Typhoid caused due to heat of summer or sun. Debility and prostration is out of proportion to illness. The patient slides down in bed with debility and lower jaw hanging down. There is more chill than heat. Hands are cold and cheeks are hot.
  • Cures the muscular weakness following excessive use of opium and tobacco.


  • Worse: From touch & after sleep, damp weather, before midnight. 
  • Better: lying on left side, uncovering

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