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Bakson's Cocculus Indicus200 CH (30 ml)

Bakson's Cocculus Indicus 200 CH (30 ml)

For nausea, vomiting, car sickness, Leucorrhoea, Paralysis, vertigo


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Form:                  Drops

Common Name: Indian Cockle

Family:                Menispermaceae

It causes disturbances of the sensorium and affections of cerebro-spinal axis; producing paralytic muscular relaxation, with heaviness. The patient is very susceptible to fear, anger, grief and all mental disturbances. He is too weak to hold up his head, stand or even speak. Paralysis of face; tongue, pharynx; paraplegia, with numbness and tingling. Suitable to light haired, timid, nervous, persons; bookworms; unmarried, childless women; and sensitive, romantic girls Hysteria. Numbness. Sensation of HOLLOWNESS or EMPTINESS; head, chest, abdomen. Sensation of hollowness, or emptiness, as if single parts had gone to sleep. Shuddering. Painful contractions of the limbs and the trunk, tetanus. Tremors; of head, lower jaw; from excitement, exertion, pain. Intentional tremors. Cramps; in muscles; in masseters; in abdomen; dysmenorrhoea, in the heart. Spasms, through the body like electric shocks. Convulsions; from non- appearance or suddenly checked menses. Alternating symptoms. Ill effects of anger, fright, grief, anxiety, disappointment.   Many of the evil effects of night-watching are relieved by it. Feels too weak to talk loud. Overstrain mental and physical. Travelling. Sun. Tea drinking. Sensitive to cold. Falls down suddenly to ground unconscious. Senses acute. Train and sea sickness. All its symptoms are worse riding in a carriage or on shipboard; hence its use in seasickness. Slowness; in moving; answering; wants plenty of time to do everything. Unilateral affections. Twitching of isolated groups of muscles.

Anger, effects of. Bones, affections of. Cerebro-spinal meningitis. Chorea. Colic. Convulsions. Debility. Faintness. Fear, effects of. Haemorrhoids. Headache. Hernia. Intermittent fever. Knee, weakness of; cracking in. Memory, weak. Mental excitement, effects of. Menstrual headache. Menstruation, painful. Overstrain, bodily or mental. Palpitation. Paralysis. Parotitis. Phthiriasis. Rheumatism. Riding in carriage, effects of. Sea-sickness. Sleep, affections from loss of. Somnolence. Spasms. Spinal irritation. Tympany. Vertigo. Vomiting. Leucorrhoea.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • For women and children with light hair and eyeswho suffer severly during menstruation and pregnancy.
  • Adapted to bookworms, sensitive, romantic girls with irregular menstruation, rakes, onanists and persons debilitated by sexual excess.
  • People who worn out by the anxiety, worry and loss of sleep,  sensitive to suffering, sensitive to pain.
  • The complaints from nursing, vexation, anxiety and prolonged loss of sleep in people who take care of the unwell at home.
  • Stomach feels sick with nausea from riding in vehicles, motion-sickness and sea sickness. Very sick with aversion to food and drink with metallic taste in the mouth and excessive salivation.
  • Headache in nape and occiput, extending to the spine, as if tightly bound by cord, wih nausea, as if at sea, at each menstrual period worse lying on back of head.
  • Paralysis of muscles which prevents swallowing, with dryness of throat and pharynx.
  • Cramps in the stomach during and after eating. Spasmodic hiccough and yawning.
  • Diminished appetite with desire for cold drinks. Empty feeling in the stomach but smell of food disgusts her.
  • Vertigo, nausea, especially when riding or sitting up. Sense of emptiness in head.
  • Vertigo as if intoxicated upon rising in bed or by motion of carriage.
  • Cannot bear contradiction, easily offended, every triffle makes him angry, speaks hastily.
  • Leucorrhoea in place of menses or between periods, like washings of meat.
  • During the effort to menstruate she is so weak she is scarcely able to stand from weakness of lower limbs, after each period haemorrhoids,
  • Time passes too quickly.
  • Bad effects from loss of sleep, mental excitment and night wathing, feel weak if they lose one hour's sleep, convulsions after loss of sleep, of anger and grief.
  • Trembling of arms and legs, from excitment, exertion of pain.


  • Worse: eating, after loss of sleep, open air, smoking, riding, swimming, touch, noise, jar; afternoon. Menstrual period. After emotional disturbance.
  • Better: Motion; of Bots; Cars; swimming. Loss of sleep. Touch. Noise. Jar. Emotions. Kneeling. Stooping. At menses. Eating. Anxiety. Cold Open air. Exertion. Pain.

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