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Bakson's Solidago Virgaurea30 CH (30 ml)

Bakson's Solidago Virgaurea 30 CH (30 ml)

Reduces pain during passing urine, backache, prostatic affection, Hay fever, Bright's disease


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Form:                   Drops

Common Name: Golden-rod

Diseases arising from or complicated with DEFECTIVE FUNCTIONS OF KIDNEYS are very likely to be benefited by this remedy. It affects the digestive tract, lower limbs and blood. Feeling of weakness; chilliness, alternating with heat. Haemorrhages. Takes cold easily. Chronic nephritis. Uraemic asthma. It helps to reduce cough and cold. Feel weakness all over the body. Chilliness alternating with heat. Naso-pharyngeal inflammation with burning in throat region. Pain in limbs and thorax. Pain in the region of kidneys, with decrease output of urine. Kidneys sensitive to pressure. Chronic inflammation of nephrons.

Albuminuria. Calculus. Croup. Deafness. Dysuria. Eruptions. Gout. Leucorrhoea. Ophthalmia, scrofulous. Phosphaturia. Prostate, enlarged. Rheumatism. Sciatica. Scrofula. Urine, scanty; suppressed.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Urine; dark and scanty or clear, stinking voided with difficulty albuminous; mucous, phosphatic.
  • Kidneys; sore and tender over; ache; feel distended. Pain in kidneys extend forward to abdomen, bladder, down the thighs.
  • Enlarged prostate gland; obstructing flow of urine or inflammation of.
  • Scanty, reddish brown, thick sediment, dysuria, gravel. Difficult and scanty. Albumen, blood, and slime in urine.Clear and offensive urine.
  • Sometimes makes the use of the catheter unnecessary.
  • Backache of congested kidneys.
  • Paroxysms of sneezing, with abundant mucus discharge.
  • Continuous bitter taste.
  • Tongue heavily coated, clears when urine becomes normal.


  • Worse: Pressure.
  • Better: Profuse urination.

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