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Bakson's Tarentula Cubensis30 CH (30 ml)

Bakson's Tarentula Cubensis 30 CH (30 ml)

Severe Pains, restless hands, urine dribble on cough, trembling feet


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Form:                  Drops

Common Name: Mygale Cubensis, Cuban Spider

It affects the cellular tissues. It is a toxaemic medicine, useful in septic conditions; when incubation is slow, but further progress is rapid; with alarming prostration, atrocious burning or sharp stinging pains; board like HARDNESS of AFFECTED PART and copious sweat. Diphtheria; with intense fever, and numb aching. Malignancy. Carbuncle. Bluish abscesses; painful abscesses. Felon. Remedy for pain of death; soothes the last agony. Paralysis then convulsions. Bubonic plague. Gangrene

Carbuncle. Chorea. Intermittents.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • ?Atrocious pains associated with all the complaints is an indication for this remedy, hands tremble, Fidgety feet.
  • Burning, stinging pains, Abscesses, where pain and inflammation predominate.
  • Hardness of Affected Part and copious sweat.
  • Remedy for pain of death; soothes the last agony.
  • Purple discoloration, Feels puffed all over, Red spots and pimples.
  • Burning pains of the complaints. Cannot hold urine on coughing.
  • Worse after cold drinks, Exertion, Night.
  •  The pimple becomes a hard, large, exceedingly painful abscess, ending by mortification of the integuments over it, and having several small openings, discharging a thick, sanious matter containing pieces of mortified cellular tissue, fasciae, and tendons

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