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Bhandari Batch Flower Olive (30 ml)

Bhandari Batch Flower Olive (30 ml)

For mental ,emotional & physical exhausation, weakness & fatigue



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Form:         Drops

Those who have suffered much mentally or physically and are so exhausted and weary that they feel they have no more strength to make any effort. Daily life is hard work for them, without pleasure.

  • Suffered long under adverse conditions, or vitality has been sapped from a long illness.
  • Mind wearied and exhausted.
  • No reserve strength. Everything an effort. Tires easily. Lack of Zest. Total fatigue of mind and body.
  • Little time for relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Cannot enjoy work or things that used to give pleasure and interest.

Take 20 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician


For exhaustion, sufferers being so drained of energy that they feel to tired to go on. Bach Flower Olive people are fatigued due to overwork or over-exertion. Once they are depleted of their strength is this way, life itself becomes hard work for the Olive folk and eventually ceases to be enjoyable. When this state occurs, it helps to replenish lost energy. The remedy is also helpful for those studying for examinations and for those Involved with mental work, as well as those who are physically exhausted. It is, also recommended following illness when the person is weak and tired.

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