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Dr. Reckeweg Ambra Grisea30 CH (11 ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Ambra Grisea 30 CH (11 ml)

Constipation, cough, white discharge in women, Asthma


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Form:         Drops

Common Name:  Morbid product found in the belly of the sperm of whale, Pyseter macrocephalous

It affects the NERVES, causing nervousness, twitches and jerks. It is adapted; to hysterical subjects; to thin scrawny women, to patients who are weakened by age and overwork; to The aged with impairment of all functions. Suitable to excitable, nervous children and thin, nervous patients. Extreme nervous hypersensitiveness. External numbness of whole body in the morning and weakness. Nervous bilious temperament. Thin, scrawny women. Adapted to hysterical subjects, or those suffering from spinal irritation, with convulsive cough, eructation, etc. Also for patients weakened by age or overwork, who are anaemic and sleepless. Great remedy for the aged, with impairment of all functions, weakness, coldness and numbness, usually of single parts, fingers, arms, etc. One-sided complaints call for it. Music aggravates symptoms. Ebullitions and pulsations after walking in open air. Patients are worn out, yet over-impressionable. Shock due to business failure or due to the deaths one after another in the family. Weakness of upper parts of the body, with trembling of lower part. Slight or unusual things worse the breathing, worse the heart, start the menses etc. One sided complaints. Symptoms suddenly change places. Sensation of coldness, numbness, in spots or of single parts, fingers, arms etc., with twitching. Itching, trembling and ebullition. General pulsation. Numbness and torpor of the whole body esp., in the morning. Coldness of the body, with twitching. Effects of domestic shock, business worry. Loss of near relatives. Imaginations. Young modern society girls.

Anus, irritation of, Asthma. Bashfulness. Brain, softening of. Cardiac asthma. Convulsions.Defness. Emaciation. Epistaxis. Face, pimples on.Hysteria. Jaundice. Menstrual irregularity. Music, intolerance of. Nervousness. Nymphomania. Pruritus vulvæ. Puerperal convulsions. Ranula. Reaction defective. Spleen, pain in. Tympanites. Constipation. Convulsions. Cough. Dyspepsia. Leucorrhoea. Neuroses. 

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • The presence of others is unbearable during stool, when urinating eve can't do any thing in presence of others
  • After business embarrasments, unable to sleep, must get up
  • Sensation of coldness in abdomen
  • Great sadness, sits for days weeping.
  • Ranula with foetid breath.
  • The presence of others, even the nurse is unbearable during stool, frequent, ineffectual desire, which makes her anxious.
  • Discharge of blood between periods at every little accident, a long walk after every hard stool
  • Leucorrhoea: Thick, Bluish-white mucus especially or only at night
  • Bleeds while washing the face in the morning.
  • Constipation and tardy stools. Fruitless desire to go to stool, with anxiety, and incapability of enduring the approach of any person. Irregular intermittent stools, often only every two days. Soft, loose, clear-brown stools. After the stool, pressure in the abdomen.
  • Cough in spasmodic paroxysms with eructation & hoarseness.
  • Asthma old people & children. Whistling in chest during breathing.Asthma comes on while he is attempting coition.
  • Hardness of hearing, with cold sensation in abdomen.
  • Violent cough in spasmodic paroxysms, with eructations and hoarseness, worse talking or reading aloud, evening without, morning with expectoration.


  • Worse: music; presence of strangers, from any unusual thing; morning, warm room, Embarrassment. Agitation, worry thinking of it. Overlifting. From any unusual thing. Morning. Warmth. Warm milk.
  • Better: slow motion in open air; lying on painful part; cold drinks.

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