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Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 26 (25 gm)

Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 26 (25 gm)

Relieves Labor Pains for Easy Delivery, Lowers pain during pregnancy


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Form:     Tablets

Weight:  75 (gms)

 If taken during the entire time of pregnancy these tablets will greatly relieve the pains oflabour. They also favourthe mother’s general state of health and assist in the development and health of the child. They may also prevent miscarriage.


  • Relives labour pain and effects easy delivery.
  • Improves health of mother and assists development of the child.
  • Calcarea phosphorica:  It deals with the development of new tissues, blood and bones. It supplies new blood cells and forms calcium. During lactation with sexual excitement. Nymphomania, with aching, pressing, or weakness in uterine region. Essential for growth nutrition, solidity of bones. It has affinity for albumen, bone marrow and is of importance to growing tissues. It covers proper lactation, controls nymphomania, aching, pressing or weakness in uterine region, leucorrhoea etc. 
  • Calcarea fluorica: It prevents hardening of muscles or tumour formation. It is a constituent of elastic fibres and epidermis and plays important role in dilatation, relaxation of implicated fibres. It covers the lymphatic & connectives tissues of abdominal walls & hanging belly syndrome. It prevents haemorrhage from the womb. It helps to preserve the body´s ability to contract,  Bearing down pains are relived with the help of it.
  • Kalium phosphoricum : indicated to enhance labour pains and is used in cases of feeble and ineffectual labour pains. 
  • Magnesia phosphorica: It is an earthy constituent of muscles, nerves, brain, bones, teeth, blood cells. All pains that are constricted and spasmodic. It is indicated for inflammation in external parts, neuralgic pain in ovary, uterine regions and in labour pain. controls cramps and is known for muscles fibre relaxation. It is indicated for inflammation in external parts, neuralgic pain in ovary, uterine regions and in labour pain. 
  •    4 tablets four times a day or as prescribed by the physician

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