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Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 4 (20 gm)

Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 4 (20 gm)

Beneficial in constipation ,flatulence & regular bowel habits


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Useful in

Form:     Tablets

Weight:  75 (gms)

  •  Bowels constipated without apparent cause
  • Liver torpid
  • Stools dry, hard and black,
  • Dull headache, foul breathe and bad taste in mouth, tongue is coated.
  • Alternate diarrhoea and constipation.

Kalium Muriaticum : Pain in the stomach, with constipation. Constipation, light-colored stools, diarrhoea, after fatty food, clay-colored, white, or slimy stools. aphthae, coated tongue, constipation, flatulence, foul smell in breath and wind. The symptoms are worse with rich and fat foods. 

Natrum Muriaticum : Burning pains and stitching after stool, Anus contracted, torn, bleeding. Constipation; stool dry, crumbling. distended abdomen contracted anus, constipation and at times dry hard stools pass with bleeding. 

Calcarea fluorica : constipation more especially if in pre-haemorrhoid and sore crack conditions. constipation, Itching of anus as from pin-worms, Much wind in lower bowels.. It is related tone and flexibility of muscles.

Silicea : Colic; cutting pain, with constipation; Great straining, rectum stings, closes upon stool, Feces remain a long time in rectum. Feeling of rectum as paralysed, fissures and haemorrhoids, painful spasm of sphincter and constipation. 

  •    4 tablets  four times a day or as prescribed by the physician

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