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Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 7 (20 gm)

Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 7 (20 gm)

Beneficial in high sugar level in blood & urine,weakness & frequent urination


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Useful in

Form:     Tablets

Weight:  75 (gms)









  •  Increased micturition, pain in calves, thirst, dry lips, sleeplessness,
  • nervous prostration
  • Increased micturition, excessive thirst and dryness, cramps, prostration and sleeplessness. 
  • Helps better assimilation of glucose. 
  • Kidney and liver functions are also improved.
  • Calcarea phosphorica : Increased,urination with sensation of weakness. Pain in region of kidneys when lifting or blowing the nose. Numbness crawling sensation, increased urination with sensation of weakness, cold & numb feeling in the extremities, pain in joints & bones. 
  • Kalium phosphoricum : Prostration. Weak and tired. Incontinence of urine. Bleeding from the urethra.Physical & mental depression, incontinence of urine and paralytic lameness in the back and extremities. 
  • Natrum phosphoricum : Burning during micturation, flow soon stops associaited with frequent micturation. Urine increased, pale; scanty, dark. Painful knee joints, backache, aching writs & finger joints and rheumatic arthritis (which gets aggravated with rise in sugar content). 
  • Ferrum phosphoricum: Urine spurts with every cough, Incontinence, Irritation at neck of bladder, Polyuria. Great weakness, and desire to lie down. arrests haemorrhages. polyuria and irritation at the neck of the bladder. 
  • Natrum sulphuricum : Urine loaded with bile. Brisk-dust sediment in urine. Excessive secretion, excess thirst for cold water. Liver remedy suited to obese. polyuria, diabetes and backache.sluggish liver & kidney function and at the same time stimulates pancreatic functions.
  •    4 tablets 4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

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