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Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Phosphoricum30 CH (11 ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Phosphoricum 30 CH (11 ml)

Delayed Dentition& walking in children, useful in fracture, Joint pains, Weakness, open sutures, diarrhoea


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Form:                   Drops

Common Name:  Phosphate of Lime

One of the most important tissue remedies, and while it has many symptoms in common with Calcarea carb, there are some differences and characteristic features of its own. It is especially indicated in tardy dentition and troubles incident to that period, bone disease non-union of fractured bones, and the anaemias after acute diseases and chronic wasting diseases. Anaemic children who are peevish, flabby, have cold extremities and feeble digestion.  It affects the NUTRITION of bones and glands; bones become soft, thin and brittle. Glands are swollen.Calcarea phosphorica has a special affinity where bones form sutures or symphysis; pain, burning along sutures. Patients esp. children are delicate, tall, thin or scrawny; with dirty brownish skin. Trembling or trembling hands; with pain or other complaints. Coldness or soreness in spots; vertex, eyeballs, tip of nose, fingers etc. Sensation of crawling and numbness; after bad news. They lose breath when they are lifted. Discharges are albuminous. Shifting pains. Arthritis. Rheumatism. Mal-assimilation. Rickets. Addison’s disease. Ill effects of over-growth. Lifting. Overstudy. Sexual excess or irregularities. Grief. It has a special affinity where bones form sutures or symphyses, and all its symptoms are worse from any change of weather. Numbness and crawling are characteristic sensations, and tendency to perspiration and glandular enlargement are symptoms it shares with the carbonate. Scrofulosis, chlorosis and phthisis.

Anaemia. Ankles, weak. Back, weakness of. Bones, affections of. Brain-fag. Bright's disease. Cholera infantum. Chorea. Consumption. Cretinism. Debility. Dentition. Diabetes. Dyspepsia. Emissions. Enuresis. Epilepsy. Erotomania. Face, boils on. Fistula. Fracture. Gleet. Gonorrhoea. Headaches. Hernia. Hydrocele. Hygroma. Joints, affections of. Leucorrhoea. Lumbago. Nymphomania. Phosphaturia. Rheumatism. Rickets. Self-abuse. Spermatorrhoea. Spina bifida. Stiff-neck. Strabismus. Testicles, swollen. Throat, sore. Tobacco habit. Tonsils, enlarged. Uterus, prolapsus of; polypus of. Yawning.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Face: Yellowish-waxy colour, especially on the under side of nose & ears. Face colour of skin under eyebrows
  • During first and second dentition of scrofulous children, diarrhoea and great flatulence.
  • Children emaciated, unable to stand, slow in learning to walk, sunken and flabby abdomen.
  • Oozing of bloody fluid from navel of infants.
  • Defective bone development. tendency of bones to curve, especially long bones like tibia, fibula, ulna & radius. Non-union & malnutrition of bones.
  • Fontanelles remain open too long, especially posterior fontanelles.
  • Emaciated body with sunken flabby abdomen
  • Weakness & relaxation- child is slow in learning to walk, on account of weak ankles, inability to stand.
  • Craving for salted & smoked meat, ham, bacon etc.
  • Dyspepsia where pain is relieved by passing wind & temporary relief by eating
  • Complaints aggravated while thinking of them
  • Numbness & crawling sensation in different organs.
  • Debility remaining after acute diseases
  • Girls at puberty, tall, growing rapidly, tendenct of bones to soften or spine to curve.
  • At puberty acne in anaemic girls with vertex headache and flatulent dyspepsia better by eating.
  • Ailments from grief, disappointed love
  • Feels complaints more when thinking about them.
  • Involuntary sighing.
  • At every attempt to eat, colic pain in abdomen,
  • Fistula in ano, alternating with chest symptoms, lack of animal heat, cold sweat and general coldness of body.
  • Tendency to diarrhoea; from juicy fruits; during dentition. Stools; foul, hot, lienteric, spluttering, watery, green, slimy, undigested; with foetid flatus.


  • Worse: Exposure to damp, cold weather, melting snow
  • Better: in summer, warm, dry atmosphere

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