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Dr. Reckeweg Colchicum30 CH (11 ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Colchicum 30 CH (11 ml)

For small swollen joints, Nausea, vomiting, getting wet, albuminuria, dysentry, gout


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Form:                     Drops

Common Name:   Meadow Saffron

Family:                   Liliaceae

It affects markedly MUSCLES; fibrous tissue; serous membranes; JOINTS, esp. small. It causes extreme relaxation of muscles; the head falls forwards or backwards when the patient is raised from the pillow; arms fall helpless.  It seems to be more beneficial in chronic affections of these parts. Patient is WEAK, COLD, (internally), BUT SENSITIVE AND RESTLESS.  Has specific power of relieving the gouty paroxysms. Pains are, tearing, digging, drawing. Pains worse by mental exertion and emotions, slightest touch and vibrations. Many joints are affected at the same time. Small, rapidly shifting areas of severe pain, but little swelling. Tingling, crawling. Cardio-arthritic affections. Dropsy. Hydropericardium, hydrothorax; ascites, hydrometra. Tendency to collapse; moist collapse; due to dehydration i.e. after repeated vomiting or purging. Shock as from electricity through one half of the body; worse motion. Bad effects of grief; disbehaviour of others; wetting; checked sweat; night-watching; hard study. Irritable and sensitive to impressions, strong odours etc. Rapid sinking. Creeping. Every little hurt pains terribly. Stubbing the toes hurts exceedingly. Paralysis after sudden suppression of sweat esp. of foot, by getting wet. The parts are red, hot, swollen. There is always great prostration, internal coldness, and tendency to collapse.

Cholera, Cough, Colic, Diarrhoea, Dropsy, Dysentry, Gout, Gastro-intestinal disorders, Fever, Nausea, Rheumatism, Smell intolerance if, Vomiting, Prostration, Sleeplessness, Spasms.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • External impressions, light, noise, strong odors, contact, bad manner, make him almost beside himself, his sufferings seem intolerable.
  • Ailments from grief or misdeeds of others.
  • Pains are drawing, tearing, pressing, light or superficial during warm weather.
  • Affects the bones and deeper tissues when air is cold.
  • Affected parts very sensitive to contact and motion.
  • Smell painfully acute, nausea and faintness from the odor of cooking food, especially fish, eggs or fat meat, bad effects from night watching.
  • Aversion to food, loathing even the sight or still more the smell of it.
  • Nausea, Vomiting & faintness at the smell of cooking food
  • Abdomen distended with gas,feels as it would burst
  • Burning and icy coldness in stomach and abdomen.
  • Dysentry usually in autumn, stool contains scraping of intestine with characteristic nausea, mucus & shreddy particles in large quantity pass out
  • Urine is dark coloured, inky urine, drops with white sediment, contains clots of putrid decomposed bood, albumin, sugar.
  • Pain in small joints, and especially the great toes. Arthritic pains in joints, patient screems with pain on touching a joint or stubbing a toe.
  • Tearings in the arms, the hands, and the fingers, tingling in the fingers, legs, the feet, and the toes as if frozen.
  • Tearing in limbs during warm weather, stinging during cold. Pins and needles in hands and wrists, fingertips numb.
  • Motion: if the patient lies perfectly still, the disposition to vomit is less urgent. Every motion renews it.
  • Knees knock together, can hardly walk.


  • Worse: sundown to sunrise; motion, loss of sleep, smell of food in evening, mental exertion
  • Better: stooping.

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