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Dr. Reckeweg Graphites 3X (20g)

Dr. Reckeweg Graphites 3X (20g)

For Swelling, hard glands, Dry skin, Eczema, fissures, hot flushes, menopause, constipation



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Form:                   Tablets

Common Name:  Black Lead

It affects the nutrition in a peculiar way; it is a remedy for those persons who have a tendency to put on unhealthy fat or for those who begin to emaciate. Circulation is affected, causing irregular distribution of blood, producing rushes of blood esp. to the head; flushing and pallor of the skin and the mucous membranes. Its chief action is on the SKIN esp. at flexures or folds of skin, muco-cutaneous junction; behind the ears. It produces THICKENING and INDURATION of skin; glands; tarsi, nail, scars. Thick crusts are formed on the skin. Tendency to callosities. It has a tendency to produce EXCORIATIONS; CRACKS or FISSURES; at muco-cutaneous junction; of eyes, nostrils, mouth, anus, nipples, fingertips, folds of skin. The patient is usually fat, relaxed; chilly and costive. Discharges are, thin, foul, scanty, and acrid. Sourness; of taste, eructations, stools, urine, blood about teeth etc. Haemorrhages are watery. Emaciation; of suffering parts. Sensation of burning, numbness and deadness. Pains go to parts not lain on. General sense of uneasiness, tremulousness; which extort groans. Sudden sinking of strength. Frequently feels faint with partial loss of senses. Aids absorption of cicatricial tissues. Eradicates tendency to erysipelas. Contractions; of muscles. Ill effects of grief, fear, overlifting. Cataleptic conditions; consciousness but without power to move or speak. Infiltrations. Cramps and burning in different places. Alternate digestive and skin symptoms. Supersensitive to cold. Cold, which worse bone-pains; coryza and stomach. Cancerous diathesis; in old cicatrices. Paralysis or sensation of paralysis. Tendency to grow cystic tumours; wens. Dropsy; oedema. Children impudent, teasing, laugh at reprimands. Has a particular tendency to develop the skin phase of internal disorders. Eradicates tendency to erysipelas. Anaemia with redness of face. Tendency to obesity. Swollen genitals. Gushing leucorrhoea. Aids absorption of cicatricial tissue. Induration of tissue. Cancer of pylorus. Duodenal ulcer.

Anaemia. Menopausal syndome. Acne. Amenorrhoea. Anus, affections of. Blepharitis. Breasts, indurated; cancer of. Cancer. Catarrh. Chaps. Chlorosis. Colic. Constipation. Deafness. Dropsy. Dysmenorrhoea. Ears, affections of. Eczema. Epistaxis. Erysipelas. Eyes, affections of. Face, erythema of. Feet, affections of. Fissures. Gastralgia. Glandular swellings. Gleet. Gravel. Haemorrhoids. Headache. Herpes. Hydrocele. Influenza. Irritation. Lachrymal duct inflamed. Leucorrhoea. Lips, cracked. Liver, indurated. Menstruation, disorders of. Mentagra. Nails, disorders of. Noises in head. Nose, affections of. Nose-bleed. Obesity. Ovarian tumours. Paralysis. Parotitis. Pityriasis. Priapism. Pruritus vaginae. Psoriasis. Ptosis. Rectum, affections of. Rhus poisoning. Scar., inflamed. Scrofula. Seminal emissions.  Anaemia. Menopausal syndome. Skin, affections of. Smell, disorders of. Stomach, cramp in. Sycotic diathesis. Syphilis. Trichiasis. Tumours. Ulcers. Urine, disordered. Uterus, cancer of. Vaccination, effects of. Wens. Whooping-cough. Worms. Zona.

2 to 4 tablets 4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

  • Suited to wome, inclined to obesity, who suffer from constipation, with a history of delayed menstruation.
  • Excessive cautiousness, timid, hesitated, unable to decide about anything.
  • Fidgety while sitting at work.
  • Sad, despodent, music makes her weep, thinks of nothing but death.
  • Eczema of lids, eruption moist and fissured, lids red and margins covered with scales or crusts.
  • Sexual debility from sexual abuse.
  • Menses too scanty, pale, late with violent colic, irregular, delayed from getting feet wet.
  • Leucorrhoea: acrid, excoriating, occurs in gushes day and night, before and after menses.
  • Hard cicatrices remaining after mammary abscess, retarding the flow of milk, cancer of breast, from old scars and repeated abscesses
  • Unhealthy skin; every injury suppurates, old, cicatrices break open again, eruptions upon the ears, between the fingers and toes and on various parts of body, from which oozes a watery, transparent, sticky fluid.
  • Sensation of constriction in the abdomen with pressure, and burning in stomach with increased appetite.
  • Pain and bloating of abdomen with difficult eructations.
  • Morning sickness, cough, hoarseness and constipation during menses, very weak and prostrated.
  • It is indicated for keloid, fibroma, pimples and eruptions with sticky exudation.
  • Soreness and rawness in the folds of limbs, groins, neck and behind the ears.
  • Suppuration of least injuries with slow healing such as ulcers, cracks, raised reddish plaques and boils. 
  • The nails are brittle, deformed, painful, sore as if ulcerated, thick, and crippled.
  • Inflammation with cracks and fissures in ends of the fingers, nipples, labial commissres, of anus, between the toes.
  • Burning round spots on vertex
  • Cataleptic conditions, conscious, but without power to move or speak.
  • Takes cold easily, sensitive to draught of air. Suffering parts emaciate.
  • Hears better when in a noise, when riding in a carriage or car, when there is a rumbling sound. 
  • Diarrhoea: stools brown, fluid, mixed with undigested substances and of intolerable odor often caused by suppressed eruptions.
  • Chronic constipation; stool difficult, large, hard, knotty, with lumps united by mucous threads, too large, smarting sore pain in anus after stool.
  • Children impudent, teasing, laugh at reprimands
  • Sensation of cobwebs on forehead, tries hard to brush it of.
  • Phlegmous erysipelas of face with burning stinging pain commencing on right side, going to left ater application of idonie
  • Decided aversion to coition


  • Worse: from warmth, at night, during and after menstruation.
  • Better: in the dark and from wrapping up.

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