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Dr. Reckeweg Hepar Sulphur 3X (20g)

Dr. Reckeweg Hepar Sulphur 3X (20g)

Eruptions, Swellings, Chapped lips, Ear Pain, Ulcers, Cripples nails, Cough, Asthma



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Form:                  Tablets

Common Name:  Sulphuret of Lime

It affects the NERVES making the patient OVERSENSITIVE to all impressions; to cold; to pain; touch, noise, odours, to draught of air; slightest pain causes fainting. The patient is of sluggish character, and weak muscles, blondes. CONNECTIVE TISSUE is affected producing THE TENDENCY To SUPPURATION; which is very marked. It has a special affinity to RESPIRATORY MUCOUS MEMBRANES producing profuse secretions. All the discharges are profuse; foul; like old cheese; sour, stools, smell of the body, sweat etc. SWEATS EASILY and profusely, but dares not uncover; sweats without relief. Glands inflamed; swell and suppurate. The patient is CHILLY; even wears overcoat in hot weather. As of a wind blowing on part. Takes cold from exposure to damp cold weather. Pains are sore, STICKING; like sharp splinters. Skin is usually affected in folds; EVERY HURT FESTERS. Abscess, threatening; much thick pus. Establishes suppuration around and removes foreign body. Yellow; expectoration, sclerotic, sweat etc. Mastoiditis. The side lain on at night becomes gradually very painful; he must turn. Pellagra. Hard, burning nodes. Touchy mentally and physically. Ill effects of injury; suppressed eruptions; mercury. Trembling weakness after tobacco smoking. Pains in bones; caries. Spasms after injury.

Abscess. Amaurosis. Angina pectoris. Appetite, disordered. Asthma. Axilla, abscess in. Beard, eruptions of. Blepharitis. Boils. Breast, affections of. Bronchitis. Bubo. Burns. Carbuncle. Caries. Chilblains. Chlorosis. Cold. Constipation. Consumption. Cornea, ulceration of; opacity of. Cough. Croup. Diaphragmitis. Diarrhoea. Ear, affections of; polypus of. Eczema. Emphysema. Erysipelas. Eyes, affections of. Fester, tendency to. Glandular swellings. Haemoptysis. Haemorrhoids. Headache. Hectic. Herpes preputialis. Hip-joint disease. Hoarseness. Jaundice. Joints, affections of. Laryngitis. Leucorrhoea. Lips, swollen. Liver, affections of. Lungs, affections of. Lupus. Marasmus. Menorrhagia. Mouth, sore. Nipples, sore. Ovaries, affections of. Parametritis. Pleurisy. Pneumonia. Pregnancy, sickness of. Pruritus mercurialis. Pylorus, affections of. Quinsy. Rhagades. Rheumatism. Scarlatina. Scrofula. Skin, affections of. Spinal irritation. Stye. Suppuration. Syphilis. Tenesmus. Throat, sore. Urticaria. Wens. Whitlow. Whooping-cough.

2 to 4 tablets 4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

  • Diseases where the system has been injured by the abuse of mercury.
  • In diseases where suppuration seems inevitable, hepar may open the abscess and hasten the cure.
  • Oversensitive, physically and mentally; the slightest cause irritates him; quick, hasty speech and hasty drinking.
  • Patient is peevish, angry at the least trifle; hypochondriacal; unreasonably anxious.
  • Extremely sensitive to cold air, imagines he can feel the air if a door is open in the next room; must be wrapped up to the face even in hot weather, cannot bear to be uncovered, take cold from slightest exposure to fresh air.
  • Urine: flow impeded; voided slowly, without force, drops vertically; is obliged to wait a while before it passes; bladder weak, is unable to finish, seems as if some urine always remains
  • Spasmodic coughs when exposed to dry, cold wind with hoarseness or loss of voice.
  • Dry, hoarse cough excited on exposure to cold or uncovering or from eating anything cold.
  • Asthma: breathing, anxious, wheezing, rattling; short, deep breathing, threatens suffocation; must bend head back and sit up; after suppressed eruption.
  • Croup: after exposure to dry cold wind; deep, rough, barking cough, with hoarseness and rattling of mucus; worse cold air, cold drinks, before mid-night or toward morning.
  • Sensation of a splinter, fish bone or plug in the throat, quinsy, when suppuration threatens; chronic hypertrophy, with hardness of hearing 
  • Laryngitis with loose, rattling and choking cough.
  • Wheezing respiration worse in dry cold air with palpitation of heart.
  • Skin abscesses, suppurating glands, papules prone to suppurate, acne and pimples in youth.
  • Skin lesions which suppurate and bleed easily with pricking pains.
  • Unhealthy skin where every little injury suppurates.
  • Dry, chapped skin, with deep cracks on hands and feet, ulcers with bloody suppuration, sensitive cold-sores, offensive ulcers surrounded by little pimples, recurring urticarial rashes and vesicular eruptions along the course of a nerve are some of the indications of this remedy.
  • Very sensitive to touch, cannot bear even clothes to touch affected parts, the pain often causes fainting.
  • Ulcers, herpes, surrounded by little pimples or pustules and spread by coalescing.
  • Middle of lower lip cracked
  • Eyeballs: sore to touch; pain as if they would be pulled back into head 
  • Ulcers on the prepuce, figwarts, itching of glans penis, and scrotum.
  • Diarrhoea: of children with sour smell, clay colored stool.
  • Sweats: profusely day and night without relief; perspiration sour, offensive; easily, on every mental or physical exertion.
  • Hepar antidotes: bad effects of mercury and other metals, iodide of potash, cod-liver oil, renders patients less susceptible to atmospheric changes and cold air.


  • Worse: from dry cold winds, cool air, slightest draught, touch and lying on painful side,uncovering; eating or drinking cold things, abuse of mercury.
  • Better: in damp weather, from wrapping up, from warmth and after eating.

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