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Dr. Reckeweg Kali Iodatum30 CH (11 ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Kali Iodatum 30 CH (11 ml)

Heals Scars after eruptions, Tinnitus, hiccoughs,Eructation, Sciatica, Cough, Glandular swellings


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Form:                   Drops

Common Name: Potassium Iodide

It was used as anti-syphilitic remedy. It acts prominently on fibrous and connective tissues, producing infiltrations, oedema. Glands are swollen; or atrophied. Exostosis, swelling of the bones, rickets, purpura and haemorrhagic diathesis come under its influence. Diversity of lesions, diversity of aggravations, with many tedious symptoms, without any one feature being in prominence calls for this remedy. Gouty rheumatic syphilitic diathesis. Stubborn chronicity. Feels used up. Crushing or sharp stitching pains. Discharges are COPIOUS, watery, acrid, salty; thick; green or foul. Diffused soreness; after pains; of affected part. Pains long after injury. Weakness, emaciation. Arteriosclerosis. Craves motion in open air. Cachexy. Contraction of muscles and tendons, chronic arthritis, with spurious ankylosis. Actinomycosis. Coldness; of painful part; in bones. Fungoid diseases. Dropsy, from pressure, from swollen glands.

Actinomycosis. Aneurism. Anhidrosis. Bright's disease. Bubo. Bunions. Cancer. Caries. Cold. Condylomata. Consumption. Cough. Croup. Debility. Dropsy. Ears, otalgia; tinnitus. Emaciation. Erythema nodosum. Eyes, affections of; cysts on lids of. Fibroma. Glandular swellings. Gonorrhoea. Gout. Gumma. Haemorrhages. Hay fever. Housemaid's knee. Influenza. Intra-menstrual haemorrhage. Joints, affections of. Laryngitis. Liver, diseases of. Locomotor ataxy. Lumbago. Lungs, hepatisation of; edema of. Menstruation, disorders of. Neuralgia. Nodes. Noises in ears. Nystagmus. Odour of body, abnormal. edema glottidis. Pancreatitis. Paralysis. Pleurisy. Prostate, affections of. Rheumatism. Rickets. Rupia. Sciatica. Scrofula. Small-pox. Spine, Pott's curvature of. Spleen. Syphilis. Tic-douloureux. Tongue, neuralgia of. Tumours. Ulcers. Wens.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Violent headache with pain in the sides of the head and at the temples.
  • Congestion of the nose with redness and swelling with profuse, acrid, hot, watery, thin discharge.
  • Perforated nasal septum with fetid discharges.
  • Dyspnea on climbing the stairs with pain in heart.
  • Discolorations worse on legs, acne, boils, enlarged and indurated glands, hives, nodules, etc.
  • Anal fissures of infants. Dropsical conditions of eyelids, mouth and uvula.
  • Vertigo in the dark, inability to find a resting-place for head, better rising, with heaviness of head
  • Erysipelatous swelling of cheeks extending towards temples, with redness, with a few spots on forehead.
  • Vesicles of all sizes, becoming confluent and forming bullae, on hands, arms, groins, and feet; they contained a clear serous fluid, were on a hyperaemic base; in the early stages those on hands resemble dysidrosis, but became semi-opaque and shrivelled and dried without forming crusts.
  • Sticking: in right ear during day; in left in evening in bed, extending into head; extending into left ear.
  • Cracking in right on attempting to swallow. Ringing; and buzzing. Sounds as of a river sweeping by; as of rain on roof; like cutting stones; grating, cracking noise, membrane sensitive. Hearing almost gone.
  • Eructations: of air in quantities; empty, hiccough-like. Hiccough in evening.
  • Nausea: with pressure in stomach; with emptiness, not better eating.
  • Vomiting; and purging at same time. Violent vomiting with salivation.
  • Sciatica worse lying; on the affected side; sitting, standing; wakes him at night; better walking and flexing legs.
  • Gait disturbed; tottering.
  • Coryza; descending, profuse, acrid, hot, watery discharge worse cool air; with salivation and dyspnoea. 
  • Toothache nagging, as if a worm were digging in it. Taste bitter; on waking; salty.
  • Salivation. Bloody saliva, with sweetish or disgusting taste in mouth.
  • Severe pain at the root of tongue, at night.
  • Ulcers in mouth, looking as if, coated with milk.
  • Leucorrhoea; corrosive, like meat washing. Atrophy of mammae. Menses late and profuse.
  • Weeps loudly during sleep, but unconscious of it.


  • Worse: Heat. Pressure, Touch. Night. Damp, Mercury. Changing weather. Jarring. Cold foods esp. milk. Sunset to sunrise.
  • Better: Motion. Cool air. Open air.

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