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Dr. Reckeweg Lobelia Inflata 1X (Q) (20ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Lobelia Inflata 1X (Q) (20ml)

For gastric derangements, Headache, Vomiting, Faintness, Dyspnoea, Pain in heart, effects of alcohol and tobacco



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Form:                   Drops

Common Name: Indian Tobacco

Family:                Lobeliaceae


It stimulates vaso motor nerves, causing increased secretions; RELAXATION; and weakness; with sweat; with deathly sickness all over; with oppressed rattling respiration. Sits with elbows on knees. Prickling all over. Cannot bear the odour of tobacco although addicted to its use. Nausea and vomiting, with nearly all the respiratory troubles, or gastric affections.

Alcoholism. Alopecia. Amenorrhoea. Angina pectoris. Asthma. Cardialgia. Cough. Croup. Deafness. Debility. Diarrhoea. Dysmenorrhoea. Dyspepsia. Dyspnoea. Emphysema. Faintness. Gall-stones. Gastralgia. Haemorrhoidal discharge. Hay-asthma. Heart, affections of. Headache. Hysteria. Meningeal headaches. Millar's asthma. Morning sickness (of drunkards; of pregnancy). Morphia habit. Palpitation. Pleurisy. Psoriasis. Rigid os. Seborrhoea. Shoulders, pain in. Tea, effects of. Urethra, stricture of. Vagina, serous discharge from. Vomiting, of pregnancy. Wens. Whooping-cough.

Take 15 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

  • Best adapted to persons of light hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, inclined to be fleshy.
  • Gastric derangements, extreme nausea and vomiting; morning sickness; spasmodic asthma; pertusis, with dyspnoea threatening suffocation.
  • Headache: gastric, with nausea, vomiting and great prostration; following intoxication; worse afternoon until midnight; sudden pallor with profuse sweat; worse by tobacco or tobacco smoke.
  • Vomiting: face bathed with cold sweat; of pregnancy, profuse salivation; chronic with good appetite, with nausea, profuse sweat and marked prostration.
  • Faintness, weakness and an indescribable feeling at epigastrium, from excessive use of tea or tobacco.
  • Urine: of a deep orange red color; copious red sediment.
  • Dyspnoea: from constriction of middle of chest; worse with every labor pain, seems to neutralize the pains; worse by exposure to cold or slightest exertion, going up or down stairs.
  • Sensation of congestion, pressure or weight in chest as if blood from extremities was filling it, better by rapid walking.
  • Sensation as if heart would stand still; deep seated pain at base.
  • Sacrum: extreme sensitiveness; cannot bear the slightest touch, even of a soft pillow; sits leaning forward to avoid contact with clothes.
  • Extreme nausea, vomiting, profuse salivation, sweating & marked prostration
  • Sensation of pressure or weight in chest or congestion as if blood from extremeties was filling it, relieved by rapid walking 
  • Extreme sensitivesness of sacrum, patient cannot bear slightest touch touch even of a soft pillow
  • Difficulty in hearing from suppressed discharges 


  • Worse: Cold bathing. Suppressions. Sleep; after. Tobacco. Tea. Foreign bodies. Slightest motion.
  • Better: by rapid walking; (chest pain), towards evening, and from warmth, Eating a little.

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