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Dr. Reckeweg Natrum Carbonicum30 CH (11 ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Natrum Carbonicum 30 CH (11 ml)

Burns, Cough, Headache, Heat Exhaustion, Sterility, sunstroke


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Form:                   Drops

Common Name: Carbonate of soda

affects the digestion and nerves. The patient is oversensitive to open air; to music, to noise, to dietetic errors. Great debility; from any exertion; from summer heat. Puffiness. Relaxation; easy dislocation. Pains cause tremors, cold sweat, anxiety etc. Twitching in the muscles and limbs. Contraction of muscles, tendons. Emaciation. Anaemia. Ill effects of sunstroke (chronic); overstudy; strains. Children who cannot tolerate milk but thrive better on cereals. Children when asleep, jump, cry, grasp the mother, startled, nervous children. Swelling and induration of glands.

Albuminuria. Anidrosis. Ankles, weak. Burns. Cornea, ulcers on. Corns. Coryza. Deafness. Dysmenia. Dyspepsia. Goitre. Hands, chapped. Headache. Heels, blisters on. Herpes: iris; circinatus. Hypochondriasis. Hysteria. Ichthyosis. Lisping. Moles. Nose, swollen; eruptions on; red. Ozaena. Post-nasal catarrh. Presbyopia. Priapism. Rheumatism. School-headache. Scrofula. Stammering. Sterility. Sunstroke, chronic effects of. Throat, mucus in. Toothache. Warts.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Constitutions with aversion to open air and dislike to exercise, mental or physical; imbecility.
  • Great debility: caused by heat of summer; exhaustion from least effort, mental or physical; ready to drop after a walk; chronic effects of sunstroke.
  • Chronic effects of sunstroke; now, with the return of hot weather, suffers from headaches.
  • Emaciation with pale face and blue rings around the eyes, dilated pupils; dark urine; anaemic; milky, watery skin and great debility.
  • Inability to think or perform any mental labor, causes headache; feels stupefied if he tries to exert himself; comprehension slow, difficult. Intolerable melancholy and apprehension; is wholly occupied with sad thoughts.
  • Attacks of anxiety and restlessness during a thunder storm; worse from music.
  • Headache: from slightest mental exertion; form sun or working under gaslight; with tension in nape or occiput before menses; head feels too large, as it it would burst.
  • Face pale, with blue rings around eyes; eyelids swollen; catarrh; mucus in throat and posterior nares; constantly hawking to clear throat; dropping into the throat from posterior nares.
  • Catarrh: extends to posterior nares and throat; hawking much thick mucus from throat; profuse discharge during day, stopped at night. Thick, yellow, green, offensive, musty, hard discharge from nose; often ceasing after a meal. Aversion to milk; diarrhoea from it.
  • Bearing down as if everything would come out; heaviness, worse sitting, better by moving.
  • Discharge of mucus from vagina after an embrace, causing sterility.
  • Easy dislocation and spraining of ankle; so weak that it give way; foot bends under 
  • Unable to think; difficult, slow comprehension.
  • Wakes up early in the morning, drowsy during the day and sexual dreams.
  • Ill effects of drinking cold water when overheated.
  • Old dyspeptics, always belching, have sour stomach and rheumatism. Dyspepsia relieved by soda biscuits.
  • Dry cough, when coming into warm room from out of doors. Cough with coldness of left side of breast.
  • Old sprains. Great weakness of limbs, especially in morning
  • Inclination to perspire easily, or dry, rough, cracked skin. Eruption on finger-tips, knuckles and toes. Vesicular eruption in patches and circles. 


  • Worse: sitting, from music, summer heat, mental exertion, thunderstorm. Least draught, changes of weather, sun. 

  • Better: by moving, by boring in ears and nose.

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