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Dr. Reckeweg R14 Quieta (22 ml)

Dr. Reckeweg R14 Quieta (22 ml)

Helps in Sleeplessness, Restlessness and Mental Overexertion


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Form:              Drops

Weight:           69 (gms)


Influences favourably the regularizing of disturbed sleep and neurasthenic symptoms.

Insomnia and various disturbances of the sleep, superficial sleep, light sleep, sleeplessness, drowsiness in the morning, weariness during the day, vivacity in the evening. Nervous restlessness and over-excitement of the nervous system. Neurasthenia, consequences of mental conflicts of long duration.

Ammonium bromatum: Sedative,  Helps to relieve restlessness and sleep.

Avena sativa: General nervous weakness and sexual neurasthenia, consequences of mental overexertion. Convalescence. Sleeplessness in spite of lassitude. Inability to keep the mind fixed on any one subject, especially when due to masturbation or sexual irregularities. Nervous exhaustion. General debility. Nervous palpitation. Insomnia. 

Chamomilla: Effective in overstimulated nervous system with hypersensitivity. Uneasy sleep. Nocturnal sleeplessness, with attacks of anguish, visions, and illusions of the sight and hearing.Snoring breathing when asleep.On sleeping, starts with fright, cries, tossing, tears, talking, raving, groans, snoring, and constant separating of the thighs.

Eschscholzia: Sedative.

Humulus lupulus: General nervous exhaustion, neurasthenia, hypochondria, sedative.

Ignatia: Nervous exhaustion and irritability resulting from psychic afflictions of a depressing nature, following grief or worry. Egocentric solitude. Dreams with fixed ideas, continuing after waking.Restless sleep, and great restlessness at night. Starts with fright on going to sleep. Whimpering during sleep.

Passiflora incarnata: Sedative. Unrest and irritability of the nervous system. Mental and physical vivacity when trying to sleep, full of ideas, disturbed non-refreshing sleep. Restless and wakeful, resulting from exhaustion. Especially in the feeble, infants and the aged. Insomnia of infants and the aged, and the mentally worried, and overworked, with tendency to convulsions. Nocturnal cough.

Valeriana: Light sleep, non-refreshing. Nervous weakness and restlessness.Sleeplessness.-Disturbed sleep (could fall asleep only towards morning), with tossing and anxious and confused dreams.

Zincum valerianicum: Insomnia with twitching in limbs, nightmares, restlessness of the legs. Sleeplessness in children.Uncontrollable sleeplessness from pain in head with melancholy.

In extreme nervous exhaustion and insomnia, 3 times a day of 10-15 drops in some water, at night 20 drops in some sweetened water. In most cases general relief and a less agitated sleep follow after several days. Thereupon, 10-15 drops once or twice daily ought to suffice Or as prescribed by the physician

 In general nervous exhaustion, the simultaneous use of VITA-C15 will give best results

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we take R14 and alfalfa tonic together for anxiety and depression?

    Yes, you can take, keep an interval of at least 20 minutes between both the medicines.
  • I am also taking REPL 5 and R 85... Can they be taken simultaneously ? What is the recommended gap between both medicines ?

    You need to keep an interval of at least 20 minutes between the medicines.
  • Is R14 effective in the complaint of insomnia?

    Dr. Reckeweg R14 is well indicated in the complaint of Sleeplessness, Restlessness and Mental Overexertion. Take 10-15 drops a 1/4th cup of water three times a day.

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