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Dr. Reckeweg R63 (Endangitin) (22 ml)

Dr. Reckeweg R63 (Endangitin) (22 ml)

Relieves Cramps, Numbness of Calf Muscles, Disease of Veins


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Form:              Drops

Weight:           69 (gms)

Peripheral vascular disturbances, acroparaesthesia, endangiitis obliterans, intermittent claudication, Raynaud's disease, cramps in calf muscles, diseases of veins.

Adrenalinum: Spasmolytic, acting on the muscular layer of blood vessels.

Aesculus: Venous congestion, particularly in the true pelvis.

Cuprum aceticum: Spasmodic constriction of voluntary and involuntary muscles, cramps in calf muscles.

Potentilla anserina: Spasms of various kind, cramps in calf muscles.

Secale cornutum: Gangrene of the diabetic patient, numbness and paraesthesia in the limbs, cramps with the sensation of coldness or absence of any sensation.

Tabacum: Cramps in all limbs accompanied by weakness and formication.

Veratrum: Sensation of coldness throughout the entire body, cramps in calf muscles, numbness and absence of any sensations

  • 10-15 drops in water, three times daily before meals or as prescribed by the physician 
  • In severe cases the initial dosage is 10 drops every 1 to 2 hours or as prescribed by the physician 
  •  In diabetic angiopathies: add R40
  •  If arteriosclerosis is present: add R12
  •  In venous stasis e.g. varicositis add R42
  •  In angina pectoris: R2
  •  Paraesthesia as result of sciatica: R71

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