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Dr. Reckeweg Ruta Graveolens 1X (Q) (20ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Ruta Graveolens 1X (Q) (20ml)

Injuries, Blows over eyes, Swelling, Nodes on Joints, Fractures



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Form:                   Drops

Common Name:  Rue

This remedy has a special affinity for fibrous tissue; flexor tendons; joints; ankles; wrists; cartilages; periosteum; uterus and skin. It is the chief remedy for injured or bruised bones; therefore the pains are BRUISED; SORE, ACHING WITH RESTLESSNESS. Feeling of intense painful weariness. Heaviness; as of a weight in forehead or hanging to feet; or lower limbs. As of a rough blunt plug in part, head, nose etc. Paralytic rigidity. Distortions. Gnawing-burning pains, neuralgia. Rheumatism. Formation of deposits or nodes in the periosteum, tendons and about the joints esp. wrists. Ill effects of bruises, fractures; carrying heavy weights. Lameness after sprains. Bones brittle. Lain on parts become sore; even in bed. Feeling of intense lassitude, weakness and despair.

Amblyopia. Anus, prolapse of. Bone, bruised; pains in. Bruises. Bursitis. Cartilages, bruises of; pains in. Chest, sternum, pains in. Constipation. Dislocations. Dyspepsia. Enuresis. Epistaxis. Exostosis. Eyes, sight weak; pains in. Facial, paralysis, from cold. Fevers. Fractures. Ganglion. Haemorrhages. Hands, pains in. Paralysis. Perichondritis. Periostitis. Rectum, affections of; prolapse of. Restlessness. Rheumatism Sciatica. Spleen, affections of. Sprain. Stammering. Tongue, cramp in; swelling of. Urination, difficulty of. Varicocele. Veins, swollen; varicose. Warts.

Take 15 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

  • Scrofulous exostosis; bruises and other mechanical injuries of bones and periosteum; sprains; periostits; erysipelas; fractures, and especially dislocations

  • Bruised lame sensatoin all over, as after a fall or blow; worse in limbs and joints

  • All parts of the body upon which he lies are painful, as if bruised

  • Restless, turns and changes position frequently when lying

  • Lameness after sprains, especially of wrists and ankles

  • Phthisis after mechanical injuries to chest

  • Aching in and over eyes, with blurred vision, as if they had been strained. After using eyes at fine work, watchmaking, engraving; looking intently

  • Amblyopia or asthenopia from over-exertion of eyes or anamolies of refraction; from over-use in bad light; fine sewing, over-reading at night; misty, dim vision, with complete obscuration at a distance.

  • Eyes burn, ache, feel strained; hot, like balls of fire; spasms of lower lids.

  • Constipation; from inactivity, or impaction following mechanical injuries

  • Prolapse of rectum, immediately on attempting a passage; from the slightest stooping; after confinement; frequent unsuccessful urging.

  • Pressure on the bladder as if constantly full; continues after urinating; could hardly retain urine on account of urging, yet if not attended to it was difficult afterwards to void it; scanty green urine; involuntary.

  • Warts; with sore pains; flat, smooth on palms of hands

  • Spine and limbs feel bruised. Small of back and loins pain. Legs give out on rising from a chair, hips and thighs so weak

  •  Sciatica; worse, lying down at night; pain from back down hips and thighs. Hamstrings feel shortened

  • Sprains & dislocation as well as fractures of bones 


  • Worse: lying down, from cold, wet weather.

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