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Dr. Reckeweg Sanicula Aquatica30 CH (11 ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Sanicula Aquatica 30 CH (11 ml)

Neck sweat, breathing problem, less weight, scanty urine & stool, cracks, Prolapse of uterus, Excessive sweat on soles


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Form:                    Drops

Common Name:  Mineral Spring Water

It affects the nutrition; female organs, rectum, neck and skin. Patients are thin and look old, esp. children. Marasmus. Body smells like old cheese. Child kicks off covers at night; wants to lie on something hard though thin. Clothes feel cold, damp. Enlarged feeling; in throat, vagina etc. Thick acrid yellow pus. Can not bear to have one part touch another; or cannot lie near another person. Bursting; in perineum, bowels, bladder; vertex, chest. Car or sea sickness. Shifting pains.

Amenorrhoea. Anterior crural neuralgia. Asthma. Bee-stings. Boils; blind. Borborygmus. Coccyx, soreness of. Condylomata. Conjunctivitis. Constipation: of children. Cornea, ulceration of. Coryza. Cough. Dandriff. Debility. Diabetes. Digestion slow. Dropsy; during pregnancy. Eczema. Emaciation. Enuresis. Excoriations. Foot-sweat. Gastritis. Gum-boil. Headache. Indigestion. Influenza. Intermittents. (Intestinal sand.) Itch; suppressed. Itching. Leucorrhoea. Liver, soreness of. Lumbago. Melancholy. Milk, thin. Mouth, sore. Neuralgia. Neurasthenia. Night terrors. Nose, crusts in. Ophthalmia; tarsi. Os uteri, dilated. Ossification, too early. Ozaena. Perspiration, excessive. Pot-bellied children. Pregnancy, sickness of; dropsy of. Rectum, cramp in. Rheumatism. Rickets. Scurvy. Sea-sickness. Shoulders, rheumatism of. Throat, sore. Tongue, ringworm of; burning. Toothache. Uterus, prolapse of; soreness of; (tumour of). Vomiting, of milk; of water. Wrist, boils on.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Dread of downward motion
  • Child headstrong, obstinate, cries and kicks; cross, irritable, quickly alternates with laughter; does not want to be touched.
  • Constantly changing his occupation. Head and neck of children sweat profusely during sleep; wets the pillow far around
  • Profuse, scaly dandruff on scalp, eyebrows, in the beard. Soreness behind ears with discharge of while, gray, viscid fluid
  • Tongue: large, flabby; burning, must protrude it to keep it cool; ring- worm on tongue
  • Nausea and vomiting from car or carriage riding.
  • Thirst; drinks little and often; is vomited soon as it reaches the stomach
  • Symptoms constantly changing
  • Incontinence of urine and faeces; sphincter unreliable, urging from flatus, must cross legs to prevent faeces from escaping.
  • Constipation: no desire until a large accumulation; after great straining stool partially expelled, recedes; large evacuation of small dry, gray balls, must be removed mechanically
  • Stool: hard, impossible to evacuate; of grayish-white balls, like burnt lime; crumbling from verge of anus; with the odor of limburger cheese.
  • Diarrhoea: changeable in character and color; like scrambled eggs; frothy, grass-green, turns green on standing; like scum of a frog pond; after eating, must hurry from table. The odor of stool follows despite bathing
  • Excoriation of skin about anus; covering perinueum and extending to genitals.
  • Leucorrhoea with strong odor of fish brine
  • Weakness, bearing down as if contents of pelvis would escape; worse walking, misstep, or jar, better by rest, lying down; desire to support parts by placing hand against uvula; soreness of uterus.
  • Foot sweat: between the toes, making them sore; offensive; on soles as if he had stepped in cold water. Burning of soles of feet; must uncover or put them in a cool place
  • Child kicks off clothing even in coldest weather
  • Emaciation, progressive; child looks old, dirty, greasy and brownish; skin about neck wrinkled, hangs in folds
  • Rattling cough, child gags and vomits a mouthful of tough, stringy matter.
  • Asthmatic breathing, worse after supper.
  • Nausea & vomiting from carriage riding
  • Dirty, greasy, brownish, wrinkled. Eczema, fissured hands and fingers


  • Worse: Moving arms backward

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