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Dr. Reckeweg Tellurium30 CH (11 ml)

Dr. Reckeweg Tellurium 30 CH (11 ml)

Ringworm, Eczema, Psoriasis, Sciatica, Back Pain, Red Pimple


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Form:         Drops

This remedy has action on skin, spinal nerves, eye and ear symptoms. It irritates the skin, affects the spinal column, ears and eyes; produces neuralgic pains, notably sciatica. Discharges are acrid, excites itching, vesicates any part of the skin, it touches. Slow development of symptoms. Pains all over body.  The odour of the body and of the sweat is offensive and garlic like; ear discharge is that of fish brine. Salty; taste; mucous from throat, pus etc. Sharp quick pains then soreness. Numbness. Sense of retention. Periosteitis. Linear pains. Ill effects of injuries; spinal. Falls.

Axilla, offensive sweat of; tumour of. Barber's itch. Cataract. Conjunctivitis. Coryza. Eczema. Entropion. Eyes, inflammation of. Foot-sweat, fetid. Gleet. Herpes. Hoarseness. Levitation. Pityriasis versicolor. Post-nasal catarrh. Ringworm. Sacrum, pain in. Sciatica. Spinal irritation. Worms. Yawning.

Take 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician OR

Medicate the globules and take 4-6 globules 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Otorrhoea; of fish brine odour. 
  • Circular; eruptions; lesions. Ringworm; cover the whole body; lower limbs; on single parts, scrotum, perineum etc.
  • Itching, pricking; as from bugs.
  • Burning in old scars.
  • Barber’s itch. Itching worse in cool air.
  • Eczema at back of ears and occiput region. Circular patches of eczema
  • Ringworm infestation. Ring shape lesion over the skin.
  • Catarrh of middle ear, discharge acrid, smells like fish-pickle.
  • Distortion and twitching of left facial muscles; when speaking left angle of mouth drawn upwards and to left.
  • Fear of being touched in sensitive places.
  • Twitching and distortion of facial muscles worse when talking. Pain jerks angle of mouth up. Sudden flushes of redness. Barber’s itch.
  • Breath has odour of garlic.
  • Craving for apples. Rancid belchings. Retching ends in yawning. Vomits after eating rice. Sensation of weakness or emptiness.
  • Pain in the muscles of chest, as if sprained, worse raising arms. 
  • Deep sciatic pain worse coughing, sneezing; straining at stools; lying; with sensitive spine. Contraction of tendons in the bend of knee.
  • Foetid foot sweat. Sweat in axilla smelling like garlic.


  • Worse: Touch. Lying on affected part. Cold. Empty swallowing. Spinal injuries. Weekly. Cold weather. Friction. Stooping. Laughing. Coughing. Straining at stools.

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