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HSL HC-8 Cactus Complex (20 gm)

HSL HC-8 Cactus Complex (20 gm)

Effective in palpitation, chest pains,difficult breathing, pulse rapid


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Form:               Tablet

Weight:           40 (gms)

 Heart pain (angina pectoris), chest pain, pericarditis and dyspnoea. On the right side of the chest a feeling of constriction and grasping pain on the left side, endocarditis, constriction with cold sweat and violent action of the heart with Blood Pressure low.

Cactus: Angina Pectoris with suffocvation. Heart feels as if clapsed & unclapsed rapidly by an iron hand, as if had no room to beat. Constriction, very acute pains and stitches in heart, pulse feeble, irregular, quick, without strength. Oppressed breathing as from a weight on chest. Constriction in chest. Chest pains, with suffocation, cold sweat, Constriction, very acute pains and stitches in heart, pulse feeble, irregular, quick, without strength.

Aconite : Sudden and violent atttacksAffections of the heart with pain in left shoulder. Stitching pain in chest. Palpitation, with anxiety, fainting, and tingling in fingers. Pulse full, hard; tense and bounding 

Cratageus :Used as a specific remedy for heart complaints. Sustains heart in infectious diseases. Acts on the heart muscles & is a Heart tonic. Cardiac dropsy, valvular affections with dyspnoea. Fatty degeneration. Cardiac hypertrophy.  Irregularity of heart, Chronic heart disease, with extreme weakness. Very feeble and irregular heart action. Extreme breathing difficulty on least exertion,  pulse accelerated, irregular, feeble, intermittent.

Apocynum : Irregular cardiac action, A diminished frequency of the pulse is a prime indication. 

Digitalis : Frequent stitches in heart,Very slow pulse. Intermits; weak. Tired, irregular, with slow and feeble pulse, Inequality of pulse; it varies.     

2 tablets. 4 times daily  or as prescribed by the Physician

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