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Indo German Gastro Care Syrup (100ml)

Indo German Gastro Care Syrup (100ml)

Relieves Burning pain in stomach, vomiting, acidity, gas troubles



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Useful in

Form:         Syrup

GASTROCARE is a drug of choice in conditions like hyper Acidity, Heart burn, Flatulence, Belching & Nervously Irritable Stomach. It controls the inflammation of Gastric membrane due to Profusion of Gastric acid, Corrects Hyper Acidity in Nervously Irritable Stomach. It makes the process of digestion easy and smooth.

  • Natrum Phosphoricum: Noisy flatulence. Gastro-duodenal catarrh. Fullness in abdomen.
  • Robinia Pseudocacia: Acidity of stomach.
  • Capsicum ann : Flatulence, especially in debilitated subjects. Intense craving for stimulants. Vomiting, sinking at pit of stomach.  
  • Acidum Sulph : Heartburn with sour eructations, Water causes coldness of stomach. 
  • Phosphorus : Sour taste and sour eructations after every meal. Belching large quantities of wind, after eating. Stomach pains relieved by eating cold food.

1-2 tabelspoonful three times a day before meal with luke warm water or as directed by the physician

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