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Lords Ferrum  Forte (115 ml)

Lords Ferrum Forte (115 ml)

Improves Anemia, Blood Circulation, Weakness, Hemoglobin level


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Useful in

Weight:          200 (gms)

Iron deficiency anaemia due to chronic blood loss, inadequate intake of iron, prevention & treatment of iron deficiencies during pregnancy & lactation, malnutrition & impaired absorption, systemic inadequacy, anorexia & general debility.

Acidum phosphoricum : In young people who grow rapidly, and who are overtaxed, mentally or physically.Heaviness and numbness of the limbs, sexual excesses, grief, loss of vital fluids. Mental exhaustion followed by physical weakness. Cramps in extremities. 

Kali. phos. : Conditions  arising from want of nerve power, neurasthenia, mental & physical depression.  If you lack stamina, throughout the day and need energy, use Kali Phos. Retarded Nutrition (slow/improper nutrition), in children causing weakness, dullness. Helps to restore the nervous system after overwork, Kali phos is believed to be a nerve nutrient.

Ferrum lacticum : Ferrum Lacticum has the general therapeutic value of iron salts. It is easily absorbed and is one of the least astringent forms of iron. An excellent remedy to be used in iron deficiency anaemia. 

Ammonium aceticum : Ammonium Aceticum is a good nutrient. Ammonia is essential for maintaining the acid-base balance in your body and keeps you healthy. 

Natrum phos. : Natrum Phosphoricum is a salt found in the blood, muscles, nerve and braincells. Natrum phosphoricum is the best remedy for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid.

Acidum citricum : Acidum Citricum helps in iron absorption.  

1-2 teaspoonful with cold water, three times a day or as prescribed by the physician 

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