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Lords Flu Rite Tablets (25 gm)

Lords Flu Rite Tablets (25 gm)

Lowers Mild to High Temperature, Body Ache, Headache, Sneezing, Allergy



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Form:           Tablets

Weight:         92 (gms)

Sneezing, runny rose, headache, bodyache & lassitude.

Arsenicum album : Restlessness with the symtpoms, Externally cold with internal burning. Dyspnoea with chill, sweat with great thirst. Cough worse after midnight. expectoration scanty, frothy.Paroxysms incomplete, with marked exhausion. Hayfever.

Gelsemium semp. : High body temperature with prostration, stupor, thirstlessness. Dullness, dizziness, drowsy, trembling. Heat with drowsiness. Perspiration not profuse with dark red face and besotted appearance. Wants to be held, because he shakes so much. Dry cough with a sore chest & fluent coryza. sneezing, fullness at thr root of nose

Eupatorium perf. : Perspiration relieves all symptoms, Chill between 7 and 9 am, Nausea, vomiting of bile at close of chill or hot stage, Aching pain in back. Aching in bones of extremities. Influenza with great soreness of the muscles & bones. Chronic, loose cough, chest sore, worse at night. Cough relieved by getting on hands & knees.

Bellis perennis :Results of injuries to nerves with intense soreness and intolerance of cold bathing.

Bryonia alb. : Remittent rise of temperature. In Intermittent complaints great thirst during chill, and still greater in heat. Chills with internal coldness, dry cough, stitches.

Adults: Acute Condition :2 Tablets every 2 hours or as prescribed by the physician 

            Chronic Condition: 2 tablets Thrice daily  or as prescribed by the physician 

Children: Half the adults dose or as prescribed by the physician 

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